How to Kill Maggots in Adult Cat Naturally

Maggot usually exists in cat infection wound moreover if your cat is actively moves outside your home. Maggot is an animal which usually contribute as decoder bacteria. It is really easy to find in trash basket or garbage dump. Also, maggot smells so bad and also disgusted. Open wound which is already infection can trigger them to come in. Don’t need to worry when maggots come to your cat. In this chance we will explain to you how to kill maggots in adult cat naturally.

A case shows that little infection wound also trigger maggots to come in. When your cat eye is itchy and it tries to scratch it strongly, open wound getting start to showed. This open wound will getting wet and trigger them to come in. Wet spot is the keyword for maggots exists.

Then how to kill maggots in cat naturally? Here is the way:

  • Cajuput oil

Cajuput oil effectively as weapon to kills the maggots. It is made from cajuput plant which is as known as medicine when you getting flu. Mint aromatherapy and cold sensation which is out of cajuput helps you to kill maggots. Besides use this thing, you also have to keep your eye to the wound or maggot area. Ass, sex, and eye are mostly wound area. Because mint and cold sensation produce of cajuput oil, you must really careful when apply especially sensitive area like eye and sex. If you needed, install the Elizabethan Collar to hold him licking the area.

  • Salt water

Well this method may hurt your cat a lot. You can imagine how hurts when your wound is swipe with salt. It is really hard. But actually salt can kills the maggot directly. Salt water can be your natural antiseptic to remove bacteria including kill maggots. You can make emulsion mixed by salt and water. A table spoon of salt can be mixed with one liter water. Swipe the salt water like you bath them. Be careful when the maggot in eyes area. You can dipping a towel to the salt water and swipe it softly. The salt water that entered to their eyes will harm your cat. It even may claw you. You must do it carefully.

  • Vinegar

Vinegar helps you to kill maggots from your cat. Basically all vinegar can remove it but it is okay if you use original. To control the smell you can mix it with water and using towel or cotton, swipe it into the maggot area. Be careful when the maggot area is in the face because your kitten maybe so sensitive with the smell.

  • Beer

This method isn’t too effective to kill maggots but can try to apply it. Pour beer into a glass and place it beside maggot. Maggot interesting with sour smell which produced by beer. Maggot will try to come in beer and drown inside the beer.

  • Kerosene

Well this method is actually danger for your cat. Something you have to remind when you use this way is you must be move the maggots from your cat perfectly. Kerosene is really danger to your cat. So we can focus kill the maggot after it transmitted in safety place.

  • Olive oil

Besides salt water or kerosene, olive oil can be your alternative way to remove the maggot. Besides the way is so easy, this way is also safety and effectively to kills the maggot. You can drop it in tissue or cotton and then swipe it in maggot area. It may be hard to apply it. You can combine it with methods before.


  • Use latex gloves

Latex gloves protect you to not touch the maggot directly. It also protects you from bacteria.

To avoid the transmission of maggot, take away your problem cat into different cage. Maggot is easily transmitted in other cat, so prevent it is better than let it spread.

  • Install the Elizabethan Collar to your cat

This tool is usable to avoid the cat lack or scratch of healing area. If you don’t installed, your cat will poisoned by natural ingredient that already applied to cure the problem.

Don’t need to worry to call the vet to heal your cat. Basically, vet has skill to diagnosis and how to fix it. All natural ingredients had both positive and negative impact to your cat. Not every natural ingredient works to your cat-problem. Remember to call your vet if no one method is work. The safety of your cat is the highest point.

As preventive step, you can follow some methods below:

  • Solve the main problem

Maggot doesn’t come without any reason. There are some big triggers that make them come. Flies breed mainly in rotting meat and fish. This means that if you want to prevent maggot for hatching, don’t throw the remaining meat or fish into the trash. Wrap the remaining meat or fish before you throw it away. Wrap bones, fish scales, fat, and even meat using a paper towel tightly before putting it in the trash. Also you can use plastic bag to wrap it one by one. This wrapping step avoids the remaining meat or fish from maggot.

  • Insert some camphor

It is unusual when you insert some camphor to your trash. Well this method is effectively avoids your trash basket from maggot. Just place it in the bottom of your trash basket.

  • Clean up your trash basket

Keep cleaning of your trash is important thing that you should be remind to avoid you from maggot. To make it more effective, use the cajuput oil to help you avoid the maggot. Don’t forget to clean it regularly.

  • Keep your trash dry

Maggot like wet place so it is automatically for you to don’t give them wet dry space. Make sure that your trash bag is not hollow. If you needed, place some silica gel pocket in the bottom of your trash. Silica is naturally absorber so it can absorb the wet effectively.

  • Throw the expired meat

Remind that maggot hatching is really fast in the meat, you better throw your meat especially if it is already expired.

  • Close your trash basket

To avoid flies comes to your trash and place their larva, you better close your trash basket. Beside it is not triggered flies to come in, it helps you to control the smell of the trash.

  • Move the falling rotten fruit in your garden

Falling rotten fruit can also triggered the maggot. Throw it away as soon as possible.

  • Don’t place your pet food outside home

It is not only for the food but you better place your pet inside your home. The situation outside of home can transmit maggot naturally. During the time, air, water, or even weather can trigger maggot to come. It is absolutely danger when there are some maggot and it eaten by your cat