8 Must-Known Tips on How to Bathe Your Kittens

Cat is one of the animals that naturally is not really fond of water. So, taking your cat to have a bath might not be an easy job. Kitten, as its young, might experience hard time to bathe as well. Kittens might be messier and it requires little help from you to clean up their […]

7 Causes of Kitten to Meow Constantly

Cat is a cute, adorable and silly animal. There are a lot of cat silly behavior that make people pissed off to adore. Are you one of the people who love cats or other way round? You need to know if you hate cats, then this whiskers animal is interesting to have. Moreover this animal […]

7 Suitable Games That Will Make Your Kittens Go Crazy

Same as child, kitten loves to playing game. They still kid and still active moving which is they are so cheerful with game. But which one kitten that able to play the game? Kitten mostly still weak until 1-2 weeks old. New born isn’t suggested to play a game because it still breast fasting on […]

5 Best Ways to Remove Maggot from Kitten with Home Remedies

Have you ever found maggot in your kitten body? How lucky you if you are not found it. For you who find maggot in your kitten body, you don’t need to worry because in this chance we will share to you 5 best ways to remove maggot from kitten with home remedies. Surely all methods […]

6 Effective Ways to Make A Kitten Trust You Fast

It must be somewhat distressing to own a kitten that always cowers, hisses or even scratches your hand whenever you try to make a contact with her. Do not worry though. This issue is surely common among people seeking new companies out of new kittens; although in some cases you can find kittens that are […]

How to Tame A Kitten That is Scared of Humans

Taking care of kittens may become wearying as much bringing feral cats to a new home. It takes patience and most of your time to interact with cats that begin to experience the moment of their lives. What makes it more challenging is when you have to deal with kittens that are scared of humans. […]

6 Ways To Fatten Up A Skinny Kitten Safe and Fast

If you end up on this page, you must have had an uninvited kitten repeatedly meowing at your house; or your own cat has apparently been pregnant and has given birth recently. Instead of worrying yourself at having a kitten, you might want to keep and pet her/them. Therefore, you may wonder how to take […]

5 Popular Tips to Keep Your Cat Happy Playing Indoors

“It’s cold outside, kitty. Don’t go outside”  For cats, the great outdoor is everything for them, but it is a myth that going outside is crucial requirement for cats happiness. Living in a big, crowded city or country, letting your cat goes outside is similar to ask your cat facing many risks. They may expose […]

What Should You Give to Feed Your Newborn Kittens?

The way how to feed your newborn kittens is totally dissimilar to feed adult cats. It happens because its organs have not been ready yet to digest various foods. Ideally, newborn kitten should stay and drink milk from its queen up to eight week after birth, until being adopted or separated from its queen. Newborn […]

4 Safest Ways to Take Care Newborn Kittens for Beginners

“Congratulations. You got newborn kittens. Aaaa, it is super cute.” Getting a newborn kitten is just like getting a new baby. You bless with a new, special experience with lots of joy, warmth, and many laughs. Kittens are super fun, cute, adorable, loving, and entertaining. BUT, caring newborn kittens is not easy. The kittens require […]