Best Ways to Train an Adopted Stray Dog at Home


Hello there, fellow dog lovers! How are you and your dog doing? We hope you guys will always be healthy and happy every day and more. Hey, have you guys done some of our experiment? The experiment of taming a stray dog and bringing them home thus adopting them?

If yes, probably you guys will have the normal trouble exactly as another dog saviour which is you guys could have a difficulty on training the ex-stray dog to obey the house rules and mostly to become a lovely dog. Well, it is indeed difficult and could be proven quite challenging, as you need more time and more effort rather than training an already domesticated dog. Which is why animallova would like to give you the Best Ways to Train an Adopted stray dog at home. Check it out!


Why is it Difficult to Train a Stray Dog?

Well training an ex-feral dog is indeed would requires more effort and time. As we have told you before that a stray dog had no fortune in their life. This unfortunate situation creates psychological effects which will bend their nature to be free, no order, and feeding is a priority number one. Yup, no wonder if your recently tamed dog would act rebellious and will always try to disobey you.

Once again, dog has same psychological structure like us. A recently adopted child would find struggle to settle in their new family. He/she might will not understand what the house rules are and how to be civilized. However, don’t worry with proper training he/she could settle in just perfectly and be civilized certainly, but sometimes with different children there are different process, one might have the fast learning process and one might take so many time and patient out of you.

Same goes with dog, a stray dog is like a recently adopted child, she will indeed find some struggle to settle in her new family. She will indeed disobey the rules as she still not understands the rules and not yet trained, as they only remember the life on the street is just simply find a shelter and food thus, she could dump anywhere she wants, also she thinks that she does not need to play with her saviour as she never done it before. However, don’t worry with a proper training your dog would become a domesticated dog in no time, just simply don’t push her too much, some dogs need time, and some don’t need it at all. So, remember, be patient and take your time.

The Best Ways

1. Feeding Time

  • You know that a stray dog would eats anything that she can eats if the opportunity is presented. In other words, she does not care about feeding time. As long as the food is available, she will just simply keep eating until she’s totally full.
  • In order to make her understands about the feeding time is important not only for your financial but also for her health, you must able to feed her on time right on the schedule. For example, you are going to feed her 3 times a day, so make sure that you do that on time and regular basis; never be late if you want your dog to understand this quickly.
  • The feeding time which is on time will help your dog understand that you will only give her some meal in certain time. At first, she might ask for more (just simply ignore it), but later on she will understand that you will give her meal in certain times.

2. Pooping Time

  • Yup, this is the number one trouble if you recently adopted a dog. We guarantee, a crap bombing all over your house is not a shocking thing at all; who were going to teach them how to poop on the street?
  • In order to assure your dog, understand that she needs to go to a certain place to poop, you need to give her some pooping time. You need to give her pooping time at least four times a day which would be after bed, after breakfast, after dinner, and before bed.
  • Giving a pooping time to an ex-stray dog could be proven difficult as you might need to lock them on your bathroom and doing so will make them feels that you are locking them out; poor doggy we don’t mean that. You need to tell them before locking them, tell them that you need to learn to poop on the loo, tell them that if she still not able to comprehend what you said, then put her on the toilet, thus locking them up. If she fails to poop on the toilet it’s good, but you just need some time to make her poop on the toilet. You know, we have this crazy idea if you want to make sure she understands what you mean comprehensively, the idea would be that you must let your dog see you pooping on the toilet; yup she will understand.

3. Reward

  • If she done something that you ordered, then there is nothing wrong with giving her a credit right? So, you could simply go to nearby pet store and ask the clerk about dog’s treat whereabout. This treat will be the reward and will only be given if your dog has done something as you ordered before. For example, you ordered her to poop on the loo even she could flush it on her own, after that simply give her the treat and compliment her; believe us compliment works as just it works on a child.
  • The treat will make her understand that if she did something that make you give her a reward, then she must be doing something good, thus she will remember to repeat those activity and will try to ask for a reward again. Yummy, no dog could refuse a treat.

Well that is all fellow dog lovers! We hope your ex-stray dog will become a lovely dog in no time. Just remember, don’t push her too much; simply be patient and repeat the process. Good luck!

*Barks away