Best Ways to Save a Feral Dog and Make Her as Your Family


Hello there, fellow dog lovers! It’s been a long time, yup writer is back and will start kicking again from now and a few weeks later. Well, once again writer will write something about dog; however, this time would be different as recently writer has been doing an experiment that involves dog. Yup, it’s about taming a feral dog. Why tame a feral dog and how to do it then? Then check it out if you are so curious about it!


Why You Should Save and Tame a Feral Dog?

Firstly, one of the reasons why writer decided to do this experiment is because we had this discussion before right? Taming feral dog has been unique discussion around the blogs, including on animallova so why not do it? It would cost nothing but some patient and a little bit a crumb of breads. Also, writer will guarantee it, a dog lover would have its own satisfaction when he/she succeeded to tame a feral dog, taking care of them, thus finally turning them into a cute lovely dog that will always be happy whenever you come home.

Next reasons, simply just a personal reason. You know why dog is better than cat, rabbit, chicken, or any other pets? Yup, because dog has her own unique affection that she will love to show to anyone who she considered to be deserved such affection. For example, writer believes that you guys had watched or even heard about “Hachiko” right? Hachiko the dog’s tale? A story about a dog who had chosen her own master and everyday is nothing except seeing her own friend? She even took and picked up her owner everyday at the train station. One day the writer died on the work and Hachiko did not knew anything about it, she just stood at the station waiting for him to come home, even years after years she’s still waiting at the station waiting for her deceased owner to come home. Until her death, she’s still waiting her owner; you could consider watching this movie as a “no cry challenge.”

Not only Hachiko, there is a story about dog in Quran, a dog who guarded the three cavemen from a tyrannical era. She guarded the cave and stood on the entrance, as she had a will to protect them, God decided to protect the dog as well (Don’t ask writer why Dog has limitation for Muslim, writer is not master about that thing). From that stories, no wonder writer falls in love to a dog. For human, loyalty is a difficult task to bear, but still it’s humane; however, for a dog it is remarkable for them to have such loyalty. Yes, writer would like to see if this feral dog that writes has been trying to tame will at least remember writer the one who always gives her food.

Last reasons, because writer is not yet allowed to have a dog. Yup, writer currently lives at his parent’s house and writer’s parents is not a big fan of having a pet; lucky for writer, they still allowed writer to have a cat though. For your information, this feral dog that has been trying to be tamed about is suddenly out of nowhere decided to take shelter at writer’s work’s place’s yards, yup out of nowhere and looks like this dog has been in suffered so much pain as writer could see it through her eyes. As a writer and a dog lover, it is mandatory to tame her and let her know that there are still people out there that loves her. So, if writer could not have a dog at home, why not having one at writer’s work’s place? The boss does not mind anything about the dog at all and writer loves her to be there.

So, where do we start? One thing for sure that you may need time to tame the feral dog. It is not going to be easy, as a feral dog usually has trauma before and mostly was caused by human. Overall, you need to gain her trust back to you. No wonder it could take weeks even months to tame a feral dog. However, if you are lucky, you could tame her in just matter of days.

The Taming Process

Firstly, do not get too cocky when it comes to taming a feral dog; if you did the dog might bite you in the arm and cause so much trouble for you later on. Remember patient is the key to tame her.

Secondly, to gain a trust from a feral dog it’s simple, just like taming a feral cat, you just need to gain her trust through food. However, the first time you do it, she will not approach you as she will be afraid of you. So, it is better for you to call her out (Writer prefer to call her as a “boy”) then simply just drop the food on her sight and leave. After you leave, she will approach the food and she will start to recognize your kindness. Repeat this process regularly.

After a few times, she will start to approach you every time you give her food. So, try to let her eat straight from your palm. If she’s already confident of eating from your palm, then she starts to feel that you are her friend and her saviour.  However, be careful don’t let her bite you; it hurts like hell.

Finally, when she starts to feel happy around you, it is time to pet her. Pet her until she is comfortable with it, give her a belly rub if you need to. After few weeks of feeding and petting, it is time for you to bring her to your home. The first phase of saving her is done, next is about turning her into adorable lovely dog. So, don’t miss it out! Good luck!

*Barks away