Facts You Need to Know about Free-Ranging Dog


Hello there, fellow dog lovers! How are you and your dog doing? We hope you guys will be happy and healthy always, every day, and more. We also hope you guys will be grateful as you both have the fortune to share each other and live a prosperous life. Yup, compared to others who are not able to afford a dog or a dog who never have any chance to live in a fancy house. Yup, these dogs usually called stray dog, feral dog, or feral stray dog. Anyway, animallova today would like to give you some interesting facts about these feral stray dogs or also called free-ranging dog and hope you guys might be interested on adopting them or at least feeding them every day. Check it out!

Why These Facts are Important?

Firstly, we would like to make sure that you have read our articles about an experiment of taming and saving a feral dog. Yup, when you want to adopt another dog or start having a dog, adopting a free-ranging one would be a great idea. As adopting a free-ranging dog would not be easy as buying a dog, but it would be challenging, and in the end, it will offer nothing beside your dog’s lifetime loyalty and satisfaction.

Secondly, a free-ranging dog might offer something different than a house dog. You will see what we are talking about when you start adopting one. This unique experience will help you to understand more and appreciate more about life and respecting life. However, in the end, you will have the most loyal companion in your entire lifetime.

Lastly, these facts will also help you to determine which methods should you use in order to treat the dog properly. As we already know that these free-ranging dogs have something different than a house dog. These differences would sometimes become their advantage and sometimes it become disadvantage for us. So, if you already adopted a free-ranging dog, you must continue reading this article.

The Facts

  • Free-ranging Dogs has Greater Chance of Dynamic Relationship

A dynamic relationship between human and dog has been lasting since the dawn of time. This dynamic relationship is what differentiate between dog and another animal. When other pets might have lower chance of being loyal to their owner, but not with a dog; dog has proven their self, many times that they are capable of true loyalty.

Not only that, dogs would also have sensitive feelings like human does. Dog could feel sad, happy, and joy, even they could express their feelings through facial expression and behaviour. This sensitive feeling would work even more if they feel saved from the street by someone (which is you) thus creating a loyalty to you. In other words, saving a free-ranging dog would have greater chance of having a loyal animal companion. Interesting right?

  • Free-ranging Dogs are easier to spot

A free-ranging dog are indeed easier to spot rather than a fancy house dog which could only be found on someone who already have a dog and a pet store. Almost, in every district we could see some free-ranging dog sitting, sleeping, and even wandering around from here to there looking for a food.

This fact will help you later if you are planning to do our experiment. You could also observe them and see if they have any chance to fulfil your criteria. Also, this behaviour will also help you if you are planning to just feed some local dogs every day.

  • Most of Them are Scared to Human

Yup, most of these dogs are scared to us. They will either flee from us or might try to attack us. However, mostly they will simply flee away rather than fighting you as they think you are bigger than they are and some of them does not care about the physical size thus bark and attack you straight on.

However, this situation would be caused by trauma. Some human probably has done something cruel to them. Which is why if you are planning to approach them, remember to bring peace offering. Also, if you already bring them home, do not let them see another human for a while as it would make her scared.

  • Need Time

They will always need time to settle in a new environment. Yup, they will require time in order to put themselves comfortable in your house. Probably, they will mess up a bit such as crashing some furniture, biting some pillow, pooping wherever they want, and even might try to bark to everyone outside the house.

However, do not worry about this as all of it, its completely natural. You can help them settle in quickly by teaching them. Just simply talk to them every day and forbid them on doing some shenanigans; they will understand eventually. Although, you need to be patient as this is a dog not human which is hard to communicate with different language right?

  • Rabies

Yup this is the last one fact that you need to put your attention on. Rabies, a disease that usually infects dogs which will turn them into feral and vicious dogs. This disease will make them to attack and bite you on sight. Also, this disease is proven fatal to human and if not treated properly will lead into inevitable death.

So, if you are planning of taming a free-ranging dog, we suggest you abandon a vicious one; as they might be infected with rabies and will cause nothing but trouble for you when you start the experiment. However, if you still persistent about this one feral dog, then make sure that after you tamed them out, bring them to a vet as soon as possible. Although this method would be proven futile as there is almost no chance of taming a feral dog with rabies infection. Most of them just simply are being putting out from their misery.

Well, that is all fellow dog lovers! We hope you guys enjoy the facts. Good luck!

*Barks away