5 Recommended Pet Birds For You Who Live In Apartment

Living in apartment may being a dream come true for some people. Luxury service, fancy home, and bling-bling stuff will be yours. Even there is some class for apartment from economy till premium, but in the fact living in apartment still being choice for some people.

Talk about apartment, basically we will got limited space for claimed as our home. It would be different thing if we have a land then built and design it by our self how the home we like to. Usually a company offered limited apartment per floor. But it doesn’t mean people who living in non-apartment is automatically has home which larger and bigger than apartment. It depends on where class we living in. But still, apartment designed to more limit because they offered some class. It’s all depends your choice.apartment

Usually, people who living in apartment feels so hard to bring or choose some pet animal. That’s because like mentioned before that apartment offered limited property which still watching the luxury quality. The more premium the class, the bigger and larger place you got. But if you choose the economic, well you can guess the size. To hack this situation but you still need to pet something, you need to be selective over the animals that you bring at home moreover if it is bird. Here are some its qualifications:

  • Practical point. This point would be advantage for you if you find an animal which able to contained this. As we know that living in apartment is like living in hotel. Your neighbor is so close and because of that they easily to feel bother when something belong to their neighbor comes to them. So you need to find a bird which calm, relax, and not bother anyone. Choose the bird that doesn’t have flying randomly so you can place it just in a perch not a cage. Besides it would safe your money because you don’t need to buy a cage, you just need prepare a perch as their home. Don’t worry about their behavior because the bird which places outside a cage usually calmer and don’t has any random fly habit. So you can safe your money and safe space if you could find this.
  • Long lifespan. Bird which living stuck on one place usually decreased their ability to adaptation over something. It can cause by stressed because they getting used to be living wildly and free. So when you put them in your home moreover your home is in apartment which the room is so stagnant, don’t get surprise if it decrease their lifespan. Go find a bird with good ability in adaptation so it would has long lifespan.

And here are some recommended pet birds for you who live in apartment. Basically all birds below is not using cage as their home, but there are just using perch. So it would be more practical and safe space:

  • Cockatiel. Cockatiel is a birdsong from Australia. They have yellow feather which combine with green and red color. Their body is full of grey and dark brown color which their wings has white touch. They can to imitate your voice and so friendly. Cockatiel loves to perch in your fingers or shoulder. Basically this bird loves to climb, so place it inside cage is not a good choice. Let it free in your apartment room will make them happier because they can do explore. And, this bird is already tame. All you can do to upgrade their tame level is for train them to adaptation over your room. Talk to them will make cockatiel getting used over your voice. Talk about their food, cockatiel loves seeds. They can eat vegetable and fruit but don’t give it something too fat. Don’t give them chocolate, avocado, alcohol, onion and garlic, mushroom, tomato, or raw beans. Raw beans become a poison over cockatiel and something sweet and fat are also not good.
  • Cockatoo. Cockatoo is one of all smart bird in universe. Basically it has white feathers and the size is medium-small. It has black foot and beak. But there is so much kind of cockatoo which has many color of it. There are red, yellow, and blue feathers which under cockatoo types. Some has crest but some is not. In wildlife, this bird is living in primary and secondary high forest. They are usually living alone or make a small colony around sixteen. Basically they are not stand out except when fly and around their sleeping tree. Now, their habitat is spread from Philippines, East-Indonesia, and Australia.
  • Owl. Some people may not choose owl as their pet animal because stereotype said that this bird is so mysterious and commonly said as disaster signal. Their mysterious face makes some people afraid and stay away from them. Even owl is included as wild animal it doesn’t mean that this animal couldn’t keep at home. Many people who want to try something new pet this one at their home. Generally, owl has brown color feathers which has grey vibes and mixed with black and white. Their wings are very big and their tail is so short. Owl is not move that much and similar with statue so that’s why it is so safe to place them outside the cage. They do hunt but don’t worry about their move or flying because it you discipline to feed, they wouldn’t fly randomly to hunt something.
  • Parrot. Same like cockatoo and cockatiel, parrot is included as one of all smart bird in the universe. Beside they are so friendly and their ability to follow words or voice human will stole your attention. This bird also known as animal zoo performance bird which usually we can meet in. Talk about physic, same as their ability it would stole your heart. They are so colorful which has more of one color inside their body. At least there is three or four color such like green, blue, yellow, red, and orange over their whole body. They have small eyes and one big beak which usually used to eat seeds. Some of them have crest but some of it not. And they are also has some types which has their own unique thing.
  • Macaw bird. Did you ever watch Rio Movie? Well some people may say that it is a cockatoo which as role as Rio, but in the fact that bird is Macaw bird. As physically, both of Macaw and cockatoo has similar point, but still they are different type. Actually Macaw bird has long tail which cockatoo or parrot didn’t has it. They do same colorful, but their tail can be something that differences each other. Macau bird actually a birdsong but they can imitate human voice and words too. Also, they are smart bird which same as parrots, cockatoo, and cockatiel.