Mating Domestic and Persian Cats Together

Some cat lovers like to claim that people who were never fond of cats are the way they are because they never gave our fluffy friends a chance. This leads to the rhetorical question: what is it about their adorable little faces and fluffy bodies that is not to love?!

Many cat lovers here would stand with the notion that there is a cat for everyone. Wether you’re into our hairless Sphynx, our silly Domestics, or even our endearing Pig-Noses – you’d just have to find time to get to know the purring machines.

For some, their cat soulmates just so happen to be in the form of a Persian and domestic mutt mix. This unique crossover has grown into an increasingly popular choice of rescues, as they carry out the best features of any Persian and any Domestic breed. However, if you do want to breed your own litter, here are some tips on factors to consider in mating Domestic and Persian cats together!

Is This Even Possible?

Before we go through our tips, the first thought you have could be: is this even possible? To that, the short answer is yes! Although the mating process comes naturally within them, some runaway indoor Persians could find themselves mating a stray domestic. In another case, cat lovers who are raising both breeds may find their cats mating at some point. Needless to say, there are endless possibilities to this. The process may not be intentionally set up by their owners – since most Persian owners would prefer their Persians to mate within the same breed – but it does often happen every now and then.

However, just like the wide variety of cats in the world, some cat lovers would favour a unique mix of their own – raising one-of-a-kind furry friend. So, without further ado, here are some careful things to consider.

  1. Raise Both Breeds Together

As briefly mentioned, one of the most very first step of breeding this unique mix is to raise both breeds together. Since Persian cats are often picky with their mates, be sure to raise your Domestics well so they are appealing to their Persian counterparts. Raise them both in the same environment, and allow some time for both of them to get familiar with each other.

  1. Avoid Mating With Others

To smoothen out the mating process, be sure to isolate the cats from other potential partners. More often than not, cats would prefer to commit to one partner for a long time. Due to this, previous partners may hinder them from mating with one another. Once both cats are in heat, place them within one environment to proceed with the mating process.

  1. Do Not Rush The Process

Understand that theres only so much that you could do, but the mating process comes naturally. When forced and uncomfortable, both cats might just attack and hurt each other – that leads to more harm than good. More so, there are multiple reasons why their female counterpart may not fall pregnant – in which should be checked and diagnosed with medical professionals.

There you have it, things to consider in mating Domestic and Persian cats together. Do note that these are just general factors, and that every cat is unique – thus require different needs with different factors. If you do want to have your own unique mix of the two, it would help that you do more prior research and consultation on what’s best for your furry friend. Good luck!