What You Should Prepare For Cat Breeding Preparation

Cat is one of the most popular pets all around the world, and many people even arguing about the best pet to have between cat and dog. Some people even divided into cat person or dog person. If you are cat person, looking for many facts, information and guide about raising cats, then you have […]

5 Signs That You Have A Happy And Healthy Cat

Who are people that don’t like when we see that our cat is happy and healthy? Well, everyone will infect by happy virus when see their cat active moving, isn’t it? But, how did we know that our cat is happy and healthy? Animal has their own language to communicate each other. Not only by […]

How to Help Cat that Can’t Pee

Sometimes, cat can shows us a strange act. One of the strange act from the  cat is when they suddenly not active like the usual days before. This can be a FLUTD disease, or a disease that make a cat can’t pee.  To help you overcome this problem, here is the article about how to […]

How to Train a Cat to Obey Your Command

Cat is a very active animal. Sometimes, it is also be hyperactive, and it is hard to make it to obey our command. It cat just love to do everything on its own, without paying attention to what its owner want. This is actually a normal thing from a cat. But, you can learn how […]

Reasons Why You must Never Let Your Cat Sleep in Your Bed

*Meow Helllo there fellow cat lovers!. Everyday is a good day to pet your cat is it not?. Yeah cat always be there to relieve our stress and make us happy after a terrible day at the office or school. Shall God created such adorable creature thus we shall grateful for what God has created […]

Toxoplasmosis in Cat : Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Prevention

*Meow Have you ever heard of Toxoplasmosis ? Well writer honestly does not know anything about it until writer heard it himself from a good friend of his. It was awful really. She told writer that her cat is showing a symptoms that she never heard of it before. A symptoms that might some of […]

5 Human Foods That are Safe for Cat

Cat, what an adorable and cute cat God has created for us. Cat might be not a loyal and useful companion like dog, but still cat could be a great companion for you especially after hard day at work/school. As cat has many benefit that dog not have. A research stated that cat could be […]