7 List of World’s Lizard Species

Lizards are one of the reptilian animals that generally have scales and quadrupeds. However, there are some lizards that don’t have legs and tend to resemble snakes. They appear to have oily scales, but actually their skin is dry because they don’t have pores on their skin to produce oil.

Well, lizards spread almost everywhere in the world. They will live in forest areas, deserts, grasslands, swamps, rice fields, even in urban settlements. However, they could not live long in the cold regions. They need sunlight for their energy source.

Until now, there have been identified about 40 species of lizards in the world. They have various shapes and colours. Here are some types of lizards in the world. You can choose them as your pet then you should know 13 Tips in Constructing Your Lizards Living Spaces. Let’s meet them.

  • Thorny Devil Lizard

One type of lizard that is quite famous is the Thorny Devil Lizard. This type of lizard is found in the arid desert of Australia. As the name implies, thorny devil lizards have a body covered in thorns.

Thorny Devil Lizard

That thorn makes it look scary. But they are not dangerous at all. Their favourite food is ants. Amazingly, they can eat up to 1000 ants every day.

  • Leaf Dwarf Chameleon

Leaf Dwarf Chameleon are one of the most small lizard species in the world. They have an average size of a matchstick. This lizard has a size of 16 mm and was first discovered on a small island on the coast of Madagascar.

  • Gila Monster Lizard

Gila Monster Lizard is one of the most dangerous lizards in the world. They have venom as their tool to defend themselves from enemies. Although the bite is very painful, there have been no cases of death caused by this lizard. For the information, you have to Watch Out of These 5 Venomous Animals in The World.

Gila Monster Lizard

They are a type of lizard that is very widespread in the United States. They can be found in the southwestern United States and northwest of Sonora, Mexico. Uniquely, the name is taken from the name of a river in Mexico, which is the Gila River in the Arizona valley.

  • Red-eye Crocodile Skink

This one is a lizard that has a form that looks scary. But the fact is they are a very tame type of lizard. This Red-eye Crocodile Skink has native habitat from Papua. Its size can reach 25 cm. They can survive up to 10 years.

Red-eye Crocidiel Skink

As the name implies, these lizards have a uniqueness that is a red circle around their eyes. They must live in watery habitats with high humidity. Uniquely, they often pretend to die to fool their predators. Their voices will appear when they feel threatened.

  • Mexican Mole Lizard

This is a type of lizard that is slightly different from other types of lizards. Mexican mole lizards are lizards that have 2 small front legs to help move and dig the ground. At first glance, they will look like worms.

Mexican Mole izard

They have native habitats in the California region of Mexico. They will like to live in the land. Their presence in the ground and rarely come to the surface makes them often called rare lizards.

  • The Amboina Sail-Finned Lizard 

The physical characteristics of The Amboina Sail-Finned Lizard are very unique, they look like a miniature from a dinosaur. Along their backs are covered with small spines.

The Amboina Sail-Finned Lizard male sails have a base of tails that have a high sail that looks like a traditional Hong Kong boat sail. Its uniqueness is used to lure females when they get married.

Amboina Sail-Finned Lizard

The Amboina Sail-Finned Lizard can be found in water areas such as banks and river mouths, mangrove forests to the beach. They are an omnivorous, feeding leaves, fruits, insects, chicks, eggs and some other small mammals.

  • Marine Iguana

Marine iguanas are one type of lizard that can only be found in the Galapagos archipelago. They will usually look for food in the sea. They can dive up to 10 meters below the surface of the water.

Marine Iguana

However, they must still rise to the surface to breathe air. The fun question, Is Iguana A Descendant of The Dinosaurs? Here is the answer.

They are known like to bask in the sun to warm the body. They can be found in rocky coastal areas to protect themselves, swamps and mangrove forests. Uniquely, Some Says Iguana Does Not Drink Water, Really?

  • Arabian Toad-headed Agama

This lizard is a type of lizard that has a very scary face. Many enemies are afraid of them. Especially when their mouths open, their appearance will look even scarier.

Arabian Toad Headed Agama

Arabian Toad-headed Agama can be found in the barren desert. Their size is relatively small. Uniquely, they can communicate in unusual ways. They will move their tails up and down. They will vibrate as they bury themselves quickly into the sand.

Well, those are some types of lizards that can be found in the world. Although most have scary and rough shapes, some of them can be unique pets. The unique fact, Komodo is also a lizard. Let’s Meet The Largest Lizard On Earth : Komodo Dragon.