6 Most Dangerous Lizard in the World

Lizard is a type of reptile that is very much in the world. Researchers have found about 40 types of lizards scattered in the world. However, despite their sinister appearance, some of them can be exotic pets.

Of course, not all of them can be pets, because some of them should be watched out and feared. There are several types of lizards in the world that are very dangerous.

Many lizards known have venom and some of them have very dangerous bites. Let’s Watch Out These 5 Venomous Animals in The World. Usually, they will be very dangerous in capturing their prey.

They even will be more dangerous if they feel threatened by the activity of other creatures in their surroundings. Well, here are some types of dangerous lizards in the world that you should scared of.

  • Gila Monster Lizard

Gila Monster Lizards are one of the most dangerous types of lizards in the world. Lizard with the Latin name Heloderma suspectum has a body size up to 50 cm. In addition, they have black and pink spots on the body. Gila Monster Lizards are easily found in the Arizona, Nevada, Utah and Mexico regions.

Gila Monster Lizard’s favourite foods are small mammals, birds and eggs. Uniquely, they will eat the food then the fat they eat will be stored in the tail and stomach. The stored fat will be used when winter arrives.

Yes, Gila Monster Lizard becomes the most dangerous type of lizard in the world. They have very strong bites. When biting, they will hold the bite in the mouth then put poison into the bite wound. It was noted that in 1939, a person died caused by this lizard bite.

  • Asian Water Monitor

Asian water monitor lizards are also a type of lizard that should be watched out for. This type of lizard with the Latin name Varanus salvator can grow up to 2,7 meters.

They have tails that can be used to attack prey or intruders. Their tail was even very similar to a whip. Asian water monitor lizards’ favourite diets are large spiders, small mammals, fish, mollusks, birds, small lizards and carcasses.

Asian water monitor lizards are a type of lizard that really likes to hunt its prey. They can catch up and follow where their prey goes until they get it. That is what makes it the most dangerous lizard.

  • Iguanas

Yes, iguanas are a type of lizard. Iguana is one type of lizard that is widely treated as a pet. Male iguanas can have a body up to two meters. On average they can reach six kilograms. Meanwhile, the female iguana’s body will usually be smaller. Do you know, Some Says Iguana Does Not Drink Water, Really?

Even though the poison produced by the iguana is not too dangerous. However, the bite can cause very serious injuries. So, you have to be careful with this type of lizard. Uniquely, the iguana can stand on four legs and lower the skin of the chin when it will attack predators or intruders.

  • Mexican Beaded Lizard

This type of lizard is one of the most dangerous lizards in the world. These Mexican beaded lizards are almost similar to Gila Monster Lizard. However, the colour of the Mexican beaded lizard looks darker.

The lizard with the Latin name Heloderma horridum has a larger body. They have an average size of up to 80 cm. As the name implies, this lizard is very easily found in the border area between Mexico and Guatemala. Mexican beaded lizards have strong and painful bites. They will also put poison in the bite wound as Gila Monsters do.

  • Papua Monitor

Papua monitor is one of the most dangerous types of lizards in the world. Lizard with the Latin name Varanus salvadorii is very fond of living in the lowlands on the coast. However, there are several types of Papua monitor who also like to live in the highlands.

They are lizards that have long tails. In fact, the length of the tail can be longer than the body.

They have sharp teeth and claws. That causes the attacks carried out by Papua monitor on other creatures will cause very serious injuries. Local residents do not dare to hunt for this type of lizard because they are very aggressive.

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  • Komodo Dragon

Komodo is a type of lizard that is very large. Animal with the Latin name Varanus komodoensis is one of the lizards in Indonesia. In fact, the Komodo dragon has become Indonesia’s pride animal. You should Meet The Largest Lizard on Earth: Komodo Dragon.

This unique reptile is very easy to find on Komodo Island. They are the largest type of lizard in the world. Their bodies can grow up to 3 meters high, while their weight can reach 135 kg.

Yes, it turns out that dragons are one of the most dangerous lizards in the world. They have bites that can make the creature that they bite die slowly. Amazingly, they can run very fast to attack.

Well, those are some of the most dangerous lizards in the world. Although many are made into pets, we must still be careful when close to lizards. Related to exotic pets, you should know How To Treat Exotic Animals As Pets.