Can Chincilla Eat All Kinds of Food?

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For now, let us talk about Chincilla. For those who don’t know about Chincilla, it is a small animal that comes from the Rodentia family. For those who doesn’t know a single clue about what is Rodentia, it is a small mammal animal that is a family of rats, mice and ground squirrels. Rodentia is considered as one of the most annoying and even considered as pests animal for some people. Mouse is a pest and many people hate them, however some Rodentia is actually considered as pet instead of pests for example rodents like hamster, ground squirrel and also Chincilla. Rodent is small animal which means they don’t take up much space compared with other pets such as cats or dogs. If you want to know more about Chincilla, then you might need to read out our article here today.

If you decide to adopt chincilla as your pet, then you might need to know more about it. What you needs to know about it is, how to take care of Chincilla, how you should feed them, how to properly pet them and also what facts you might need to know before buying chincilla for your pets. Today, we are going to talk about Chincilla, and we are going to answer any questions you might have about Chincillas. What you should know about Chincilla, what you need to know before buying it? Can Chincilla Eat All Kinds of Food? Here we are on our aticle about this little cute rodent.

What you need to know about Chincilla?

There are two species of Chincillas, a Chinchilla chinchilla and Chinchilla lanigera. They are native to the mountain of South America, along the mountain pass of Andes mountain chain. They live in the herds or colonies with several Chinchillas living together in one huge network of tunnel as their nests. They live at very high place for up to 4,270 m from sea levels. They can be found in much South American country such as Bolivia, Peru, Argentina and Chile.

Overexploitation causes this species to gradually becoming rarer and rarer each days. In 1996 they are considered as endangered species, and then in 2006 they are also considered as critically endangered. Nowadays, many people now can domesticate a Chincilla saving them from an extinction and now you are able to buy Chincilla as your pet, although you might need to look at for certified and trusted breeder and distributor for Chinchilla as you can’t find it in many usual pet shops.

Now, we will answer one questions that many people have asked and wonder, what did Chincilla eats, and how we should feed them?

What did Chinchilla eat? And what safe foods they can eat?

Chinchillas are herbivore that eats mainly on grass and hay diets. In their natural habitat, their habitat is rough and rocky terrain with very rough and hard fiber to chew at. Chinchillas have adapted and evolved to develop wide rooted teeth to chew on the rough fiber. To mimic natural Chinchillas diet, a domestic chinchilla owner should provide their Chinchilla with high fiber pelleted diets, dry fruits, roots and grassy and hay based pellet diets. Here is list of foods that safe to eat for Chinchillas and should be their natural daily diet.

  • Pellets

The easiest and safest food for your chinchilla is pellets. Domestic Chinchilla can eat pellets and pellet will be their most standard and usual diet. When buying a pellet, make sure to know the brand and the nutrition contained in that pellet brand. Just like in their natural habitat, Chinchilla is a mammal that eats high fiber diets. Which means you should always provide them with high fiber diets, and consider to always having high fiber pelleted diets as always.

  • Fresh Greens and soft dried fruits

Along with their high fiber pelleted diets, Chinchilla also should be provided with fresh green vegetables along with dried fruits to provide them with many nutrition and vitamins they can’t get from grassy fiber. Many greens you can bought for your chinchillas for example, dark green lettuce, dried fruits like orange are also good for your Chinchillas. Fresh greens are always good for your Chinchilla and it is never bad for your pets. However, one downside of fresh veggies and fruit is that they are expensive and you might need to throw in an extra budget for its.

  • Don’t forget water for Chinchilla

Water is absolutely important for your Chinchilla. You should always provide your little chinchilla with enough water every day. Make sure to give them enough water to provide minerals and liquid they need.

What you should need to know more about Chinchilla is that their diets might be high fiber pelleted diets. However you should know that you can’t over feed them with pellets that doesn’t contain much fiber. If you over feed them with pellets, your chinchilla might suffer from Gastrointestinal problems. While feeding your chinchilla with treats like greens and fruits, you might need to be careful in choosing the treats. Chinchilla can’t easily digest hard fruits and nuts. Nuts can also damage your Chinchilla teeth and you need to be careful. When taking care of Chinchilla you should always consider nutritional values. They are not the same as hamster, so you should treat them differently from hamster and they can’t eat nuts like hamster. Did we answer your question on Can Chincilla Eat All Kinds of Food?