How Does Teddyhamster Look Like?

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So as for today, what we are going to talk about is hamster. Hamster is cute little ball of fluff that many pet lovers love to pet and take care. If you don’t want a big animals take care of since bigger animals are generally harder to take care of and more expensive to take care of, then small animals like hamster are one of the best choice for you. Hamster is small animals as they don’t take much space, doesn’t eat too much foods and they are also quite easy to take care of. Hamster is not big animals like cats or dogs that needs intensive care like grooming, attention and training. Hamster is one of the easiest choices for a pet so if you are beginner pet owners, then hamster will be quite a good choice.

If you are planning on taking a care of hamster, then you might need to know that hamster also comes with many shapes and size. There are also many species of hamsters that are different and with different colour and shape too. There are many kinds of hamster like Teddyhamster, dwarf hamster, Roborovski hamster and Chinese hamster. There are still many kinds of hamster in this world, so if we fail to mention them here, let us know in the comment about it.

One of the species of hamster is Teddyhamster. Teddy hamster or Syrian hamster is a species of hamster that originated from Middle East. Teddyhamster is one of the popular species of hamster and many hamster lovers always seek out for this kind of hamster. If you are hamster lovers then you should already know about this amazing hamster but if you don’t know anything about this hamster, then let us show you about it then. What is Teddyhamster and How Does Teddyhamster Look Like? Let us show you what is Teddyhamster and show you why they make a really good pets for hamster owner.

What is Teddyhamster and how does Teddyhamster or Syrian hamster look like?

For those who don’t know about teddyhamster and want to know more about this type of hamster, let us show you some directions and description of teddy hamster, where do they live and how do they look like.

  • What is Teddyhamster?

Teddyhamster, Syrian hamster or golden hamster according to some people is one of the most popular kinds of hamster and they are also one of the hamster that have been chosen by many hamster lovers as their favourite. Teddyhamster (Mesocricetus auratus) is a rodent or family of rats that belong to the subfamily of Cricetinae. This hamster originated from Syria, Persia, Southern Turkey and scattered on the arid desert of Middle east except for Arabia. Teddyhamster in natural habitat is rodent that eats on the vegetations and they are also eating farmer’s crop like wheat. Since many farmers are getting annoyed of this rodents many choose to hunt them down and now the amount of this hamster in wild habitat is dwindling.

The wild golden hamster is pretty rare and even government have tried to protect them because they are considered as vulnerable species, however captive breeding program now have been successful and now captive golden hamster can be found in anywhere, that’s why you can find this little rodent easily in many pet shops. Golden hamster now even considered as normal house pet not a wild animal. This even make some people wonder how does wild hamster do in their wild habitat and some even questions where does hamster live outside of the pet shop.

Teddyhamster or golden Syrian hamster mostly eats on plants, veggies and seeds. In captivity, you can give them with seeds and some fresh vegetables. However, hamster is actually omnivorous which means they could eat meat alongside with plants too. There are also some cases of cannibalism in hamster family, as we will speak about it later in this article.

  • How does teddyhamster looks?

Teddyhamster is sometime called as golden hamster. That’s because most of this hamster have golden orange fur with touch of white. This hamster has round rotund and oval body with very small ear and chubby cheek. The size of adult teddy hamster could reach about 13 to 18 cm long (about 5 to 7 inches). Their lifespan is about 3 to 4 years for domestic breed teddyhamster. Like any other hamster, they have expandable cheek. Their cheek can be extra big when they are eating as they can store seeds and foods in their cheek pouch.

  • Teddyhamster behaviour

Some notable behaviour of teddyhamster you might want to know and aware is that they sometimes hamster can be cannibal to their baby. Yes, you have heard it right, mother hamster when they feel threatened or inexperienced mother hamster may eat their baby. Sometimes, mother hamster also eat baby that is malnourished and have certain defect but leave out the healthy one. Hamster have quite fast reproduction cycle and each time female hamster pregnant, they can deliver more than 15 hamster babies.

So, final verdict, teddyhamster or golden Syrian hamster is one of the most distinguish and easy to get hamster. However they are pretty rare and endangered species in the wild so you might only meet them in captivity. Teddyhamster is not really different than any other hamster, except for their beautiful golden orange fur and big rotund body. Have you learnt anything in our How Does Teddyhamster Look Like? Article? We are glad if you have learn one or a few things from us then.