4 Best Ways to Treat Sick Newborn Goat

New born goat has high possibility to attacked by disease moreover of their condition who still weak make it become worse. Also, the first aid for sick new born goat can’t do it randomly. You must follow some step that helps you to cure the new born goat.

Basically, sick didn’t look how old the target is, it looks about how clean you are, how strong your immune, and how you aware with yourself, so does in new born goat. It is about how care and how prevent enough to protect them from any disease.

The disease that usually catch new born goat such like bloating, maggot, or etc. Mostly the disease that can attack new born goat is relatable with bacteria and virus because most of them will take in to separate box by their mom, so if we talk about virus and fungal is low possibility because the contact isn’t far enough to infected by those cause of disease.

To help you to take care your sick new born goat, here are the best way of them.

The Step

  • Know the symptom well

All disease surely come the symptom. Or if we can turn it, the symptom tells you everything about what’s disease that attack your new born goat. Make sure that the symptom tells you specifically about what’s the disease are. Some disease may have two or more symptoms at the same time. Know it right even it more than you ever think.

  • Find the problem

As mentioned before a disease may have two or more symptom. Each disease may have same symptom that really similar. But still, one disease has its own characteristic symptom. The symptom that similar each other such like fever, passive, weak, or low appetite. Don’t make a decision by those symptoms because that is not specific enough to identify what’s disease that attack your baby goat.

  • Try to home remedy

Medicine has harmful effect moreover for baby goat. This harm is so real when you use outer medicine to the sensitive area like sex, mouth, and eye. To cheat that thing, you can use cure or first aid based of home remedy. As we know, there is so many natural ingredients to helps you reduce the disease. for your example, to reduce diarrhea in baby goat you can use boiled water of guava leaves to help repair the digestion system and reject the bacteria that caused of diarrhea.

  • Call vet if there is no progress

The last thing you have to do if there is no progress after you apply some home remedy method to cure their disease. Make sure that your vet is trusted so malpractice can be avoided well. The vet with affordable price and great service more profitable for you.

Some Tips

  • Install additional warmer

New born goat surely need warmth around them, moreover when they got sick. To reduce it, you can install additional warmer to keep the warmth inside. You can use bulb lamp and install it close to the box that used by baby goat. Make sure to setting the interval because the nearer the position of the lamp, the hotter that feels by baby goat. You can also use plastic to warp any hole in the box so when the night come or rainy season come, wind can’t getting inside.

  • Make sure the box is always clean

The box that the place of baby goat sleep and spend their time should be free from bacteria. That’s why you need to make sure that the box is clean. You can wipe it with wet towel or tissue. Don’t forget to add antiseptic to make sure all bacteria are killed perfectly.

  • Clean the new born baby with warm water

Beside their environment, the new born goat must be also clean. Because they are sick and their still weak and sensitive, clean them with warm water to remove some dusty in their hair. Also, the area that have you clean the most is eye, mouth, and nail. Those area usually visited by bacteria so make sure that that is clean.

  • Make sure that the environment is dry enough and not moisture

Additional heater or warmer is used to keep the warmth inside. But you have to make sure that it is not make the air or temperature moisture. Moisture or wet isn’t friendly with haired animal, so included goat. This moisture condition can invite any bacteria and fungal to live in the hair of baby goat. So, make sure you setting well the distance of heater.

  • Don’t forget about the nutrition

Even tough the baby goat is in sick, make sure that the nutrition needed is fulfil enough. Baby goat may lose their appetite but that’s not a reason to let them starving and just sleep or weak. Make sure that even they are sick, the nutrition supply is good and keeping.

New born is sensitive individual to take care, so does goat. We need to be careful to take care them because they are still weak. Their weakness may limit us but try change it with to our challenge. Also, make sure that you are patient enough to take care the baby goat.