How to Take Care of Weak Baby Goat

Mostly new born baby goat is weak. But the weakness of each other is pretty different even they may birth at the same time. As we know that the ability including strength and power is so depend of individual side. Even tough we add some injection energy to increase their power, if their ability is low then it would be useless.

Talk about strength and power, we didn’t avoid to talk about immune. Weak isn’t automatically association with how fast they can run or how high they can jump. But it is also who they can survive for a disease both fungal, bacteria, and virus. So, the baby goat who easily sick is called weak. You can call it like that because as we know strength is linear with old. The older so the stronger.

Back to the problem, the problem is not every baby goat is strong enough to face disease. Baby goat has different ability so does their strength.

Here some way to take care weak baby goat.

  • Additional food

All we have to focus one build their immune. As we know baby goat use their mom as main supply of their food. With another words, they can’t eat something another thing except milk. But is it enough just using milk? Well, milk so surely good for them but to increase their immune, we need something more. That something more can be earn by giving additional food. Additional food that you can giving to baby goat can you earn in pet shop. The shape of additional food is surely soft food which is baby digestion friendly. Also, the vitamin and mineral that contained inside this additional food is more balance than just giving them milk. That’s why giving additional food for baby goat is suggested.

  • A lot of milk

As main supply food of baby goat, milk is the first thing that you need to take at first. To increase their strength, make sure that the milk production of their mom is pretty enough to consume. If their mom didn’t produce well milk both of quality or quantity, you can use cow formula milk that usually consume by human baby. But still, if there is strange response of baby goat, you better stop this method. Not every baby goat can suit with cow formula milk. If you still want to use this method, make sure that your goat is suit well with the brand that you give them.

  • Cleanliness

To prevent weak baby goat of any disease that cause by bacteria, you should need to keep the cleanliness. Cleanliness isn’t only about their food, drink, or environment. But it also your cleanliness of the care taker. If all external factor already clean, not it your turn to being clean. Make sure that you wash your hand as well before touch the baby goat. If needed, you can use special wardrobe to entering the cage. You can also bath the baby goat if you think that they are dirty.

  • Vitamin and mineral

Make sure the vitamin and mineral that consume by baby goat is pretty balance. Even they have those vitamins by their milk or additional food, it is no fault to give them additional vitamin and mineral. The key is balance. No matter how much you give vitamin and mineral as long as you can manage it well and make sure that it is balance enough, you can still go with it.

  • Vaccine

Vaccine is the most needed thing that every animal has got. For weak baby goat, you must to watch it really seriously. The vaccine will help weak baby goat to building their immune. Even the process isn’t fast enough but at least there is effort tried and ever to do. Vaccine can help you to ‘freeze’ the disease possibility and the time of this freeze can used to rebuild or repair their strength by vitamin and mineral.

Beside all things written above, make sure to always put your attention on them. Weak baby goat is like double kill which is need extra attention. Not only energy, the responsible to all of their response is needed.

After you did all thing written above, you may think ‘how long do I have to do this?’ and the answer is ‘until your baby goat isn’t baby anymore and he is strong enough both of face disease and take care of themselves’.

And, however the old make sure that you always keep the cleanliness both of food, drink, cage, and environment. And, if you feel that you already give a lot of things for your weak baby goat but there is no progress, you better consultation with your trusted vet to get some information may there is disease that cause these methods isn’t work well. Also, vet can give you suggest which one you need to give to your baby goat to decrease the weakness.