How to manage ducks for better eggs production

Duck is a poultry animal which means they can lay an egg for you in a period of time. Most of duck if taken care properly can lay an egg once a day during their mature ages. Daily egg productions could give you a lot of food supply not only just for your family to […]

Are duck eggs better than chicken eggs? Here is the answer

Egg is a staple of poultry foods, very versatile, widely variable, delicious, easy to get, and very easy to cook it too. You can boil it, scramble it, poach it in vinegar, fry it, and many more. Egg is one of the most versatile foods that you can easily get, and there are many kinds […]

6 Best Cage Type For Laying Duck Breeds

Every life creature needs to be had a house. There are some of life creature which living and take their home everywhere, and also some of them even don’t have a house time by the time. There is some many synonym of house, like cage or maybe their own body part. For poultry industry cage […]

How To Effectively Maximize Duck Egg Production

In poultry industry, rise the duck in a dozen to earn a hundred eggs is pretty familiar to doing. Beside cattle, egg of the duck is one of all main goal why people decided to start this business. We can’t decline that the market of duck eggs is same high by the cattle duck. By […]