6 Simple Steps To Clean Your Cat’s Eyes At Home

Cat eyes are their spot body that highly infected by disease. Some disease that caused by fungal, bacteria, and virus can infect the cat’s eye directly or not. People may guess that something in their cat’s eye is just dirt. But something like dirt may signs some disease that infect cat’s eyes.

Cat eyes problem highly caused by bacteria. Cat’s face may really clean but that bacteria can came from their other body part like their nail, legs, or maybe their saliva.

We do know that cat is clean animal which is they love to clean their self. But it doesn’t mean that they are free from any bacteria. That’s wrong. They still need bath to keep them clean and help to remove the flea.

But technically we can’t wipe their eyes randomly. Eyes is sensitive body part which is really easy to feel hurt because of any liquid that we used to remove the bacteria. For perfectly and safety guide, here are simple steps to clean your cat’s eyes.

The equipment

  • Towel

The size is free but make sure it is small because you just need little space of it.

  • Warm water

Warm water is the safest thing if you want to cleaning sensitive area like eyes and ears. This is also kitten friendly. Usually people use special liquid to remove dirt but it may not kitten friendly.

  • Tissue or cotton

This tissue or cotton used for remove the dirt in the cat’s eyes. You may can use the wet towel but it is too risky because the water can drop to their eye. That’s dangerous.

The step

  • Prepare the equipment

First, prepare all equipment that needed and written above.

  • Hold your cat

Secondly, you have to hold your cat in order to avoid them can attacked you when you touch them. You better hold him in his neck and back legs area. You can also hold their face or hold him from front side so it more pointed and focused in their eyes.

  • Put the towel into warm water

Third, you can put the towel into warm water. Make sure that the towel is wet perfectly and you already pressed it so there is no water can drop or getting inside when you apply it in cat’s eye. Make sure that you wipe it softly so there is no break or any wound on their eyes.

  • Swipe it softly in your cat’s eye

The swipe moves also the important point. Wrong move can make the dirt drowned deeply into their eyes and make it hard to removed. If the dirt place in the inner corner so your wipe move should be getting down and if the dirt is in outer corner then your wipe move should be to out way. Don’t do as verse versa because as mentioned before wrong move can make the dirt drowned into their eye and it can’t be removed anymore.

  • Repeat

You can repeat the fourth step until the dirt removed well. Some removed may need 3-5 swipes process so just be patient, please.

  • Wipe your cat’s eyes to make it dry

After you sure that the dirt removed well, dry your cat’s eye area until it dry. Wet spot can invite some bacteria to come. Even they sill licking their leg and spread it into their face and make it we again, at least the wet cause of your towel and wet cause by their saliva is pretty different. You already know what’s will happen if the bacteria come to their wet hair, right?

Some cautions

  • Ask for help to hold your cat

Some cat may can’t handle by one person. Adult cat which has big body need at least two people to handle. Actually, to hold cat is you can keep their neck but some cats can kick your arm with their back lags. So, that’s why you need one person to hold their back legs to avoid your cat kick your arm and moving back. This point may the hard part when cleaning cat’s eyes because cats is hard to obey what’s we command. But it doesn’t mean that they can’t tamed, actually.

  • Call your vet if there is something happen

By hard handle and using home equipment, this simple step may cause some problem like wound in their eyes or anything. To prevent the problem to not getting bigger, you have to know a vet phone so if there is something happen you can call the vet to emergency situation.

That’s all the simple step to clean your cat’s eyes. The first thing that you have to keep in your mind is make sure that it is safety and don’t hurt the cat’s eyes. Stop wiping with any liquid if you use cleanser liquid to remove the dirt and your cat seems like feeling uncomfortable.