How To Safely Prevent Eye Problems In Your Cat

Cat eye problem becomes serious thing that usually infected the cat. Both bacteria and virus or fungal can cause this problem. Eyes is their main tools to see the world, hunting, and moving. The power of cat cuteness is also cause of their eye. It is hurt when you see that your cat can’t open their eyes because of pain that cause by something.

Some case prove that eye problems can cause dead in cat. Both adult cat and kitten can catch this problem. That’s why we have to prevent it as well to avoid something terrible in the cat.

Even this problem can solve of can get first aid by home remedies, but this is vital area which is you need some helps of vet to reduce the problem. Besides, eyes are so sensitive and risky body part that not everyone can deal with this. So, that’s why you need to bring your cat to vet even it just to prevent.

Here is some guide how to safely prevent eye problems in your cat.

  • Eye drop cat

The function of eye drop cat to clean all dust and dirty that stick in the eye of cat. We surely can’t clean it by bare hand because it can hurt the cat. So, the alternative way is by eye drop cat. Not only cleaning, eye drop liquid usually contained some vitamins and minerals which is good for cat’s eye. You can find it easily in pet shop or you can ask your vet to give it for you.

  • Bathing time

Bathing time is really enjoying time. Some cats may hate this time but for you who really want to bath your cat, this time can be memorable moment. When bathing time, make sure that all dirt is removed well by their body especially in their eyes. Wipe their eyes softly using your hand and water (make sure that your hand is wet but there is no soap or shampoo on it) then wipe it softly into their eyes. Make sure that their inner and outer corner is clean.

  • Monitoring their interaction

If you have more of one cat or pet multiple animal inside your home, make sure that you monitoring their interaction. Cat’s eyes problem can also cause by infected by another animal like dog, for example. If there is your pet animal is sick both if eye problem or ear problem make sure that you already separate it away to special spot. This is to control that there is no disease transmission from one animal into another animal.

  • Maintain their nutrition

Basically, disease or some boy problem can cause by low immune system inside their body. Vaccine can help you a lot but if there is no balancing nutrition inside it, vaccine is meaningless. To support the power of vaccine, make sure that nutrition that ate by cat is pretty balance and high of vitamin and minerals. Nutrition isn’t only got from food but also from supplement. But still, their main source of vitamin and nutrition is by food. You don’t need to buy fancy food for your cat, just make sure that your cat is likes and the vitamin and minerals that contained inside the food is pretty good. Also, don’t forget to make sure that the food is fresh and clean. Always clean the food and drink box every day to avoid some bacteria.

  • Cut your cat nail

Nail which is placed in cat leg is the most thing that touched ground which is there is so much bacteria on it. Nail also used by cat to scratch their body (including their eyes) when they feel itchy. You can imagine the bacteria can transmitted from heir nail to their body by only scratched. Also, cat loves to licking their leg which is we know that it just touched the ground. To prevent the bacteria transmitted, you better cut their nail to decrease bacteria population.

Technically, one treatment can affect another part. You may clean their eyes but by following steps above you can get advantage which is unconsciously can affect to another body part.

Eye cat treatment is one of all risky treatment after their ear and mouth. Make sure you are careful enough to maintain it. Also, don’t try the guideline if you feel it is hard to do without any help. Once you got hard, you better got to vet. Give your pet purely in the vet and trust it with them. Beside it, make sure that your vet is trusted and the price is affordable enough to be subscribed.