How To Properly Take Care Of Newborn Baby Hamster

Congratulations, your newborn baby hamster has already born. However, how to properly take care of newborn baby hamster? Do not being a worry, below these are several tips on how to properly take care of newborn baby hamster at home. You should check this one.

1. Set everything they needed

How to properly take care of newborn baby hamster? For the first, you should set off several things to welcome your newborn baby hamster. Build the nest with soft building material like tissue paper. It is soft and very easy to arrange. This material nest building is the best amongst all materials. Next, it is the cage. Make sure you already clean the cage before the mother is giving to birth. Then, remove all the toys in the cage; such as wheels, tubes, slider and others toys. This will avoid the newborn baby hamster from injury or death. The last thing is the right temperature. Keep your room temperature around 70 F. You can place a heater closed with their cage to make the cage is warm.

2. The safety

The safety of the cage is important for the newborn baby. So, you should place them in a safe place and keep them isolated. Make sure the room is away from loud people voices, traffic, curious children,  loud TV noise, nosy dog or cat and all of the noise that can disturb them, the mother hamster and also the newborn bay hamster. Besides, sometimes the mother hamster feel uncomfortable and afraid while the room is too dark. To make the mother and their babies are safe you can turn on the dim light. This will make the mother and the newborn baby safety and more comfortable and it also can make them warm.

3. How to feed them

Let the mother of the newborn baby hamster feed them until 14 days after the birth. You are not allowed to handle the newborn babies, to clean the cage and disturbed them. Let the mother does her job, you may check your newborn baby hamster while you refill the storage of the mother food or the fresh drink bottle. However, if your newborn baby hamster does not take care by its mother (the mother hamster death). You can see tips on how to raise and feed an orphaned baby hamster at home. May these easy tips will be useful for you who has the orphaned newborn baby hamster.

4. Extra fats and nutrition

What are the best foods for the mother after giving birth? The mother after giving birth really needs the food that has lots of fats and nutrition. The foods that have lots of fats and nutrition are a hard-boiled egg, carrot, cucumber, cheese, greens, nuts, honey,  brown rice, and pellets. So, make a list of food of your mother of a newborn hamster. Give her a treat like a dog biscuit that she loves so much. Regularly, change the diet of your mother hamster and keep its balance. Make sure all the foods are fresh. While the nutrition of the mother is good, the milk for the newborn baby hamster will be in good quality too.

5. The hygiene of their cage

When is the right time to clean the cage of the newborn baby hamster? You may clean their cage after 14 days of the birthing. In 14 days old the hamster has been changed into a young hamster. This is a right time for you to clean this cage. Gathering all the supplies that you need; rubber hand gloves, liquid soap (antibacterial soap no perfume), brush, another clean cage with clean bedding, large spoon or small shovel and large bowl. First, put out all the newborn baby hamster first with a small shovel or large spoon to the other clean cage. Then, put out your mother hamster in the same way. Do not forget to place drink and food for them. And now it is time to clean the cage. Remove all the old bedding to trash bags. Soak the cage in the antibacterial soap, and wait for several minutes. Brush all around the cage until the its corner. For the best results, you may check on how to clean your hamster cage easily.

6. Vitamin for the newborn baby hamster

For the health of your newborn baby hamster, it is allowed to give them some vitamin for the newborn baby hamster. While the mother hamster is nursing, you can give her green vegetables and carrots. These foods are a good source of vitamin A.  Next, for the hamster fur; to make your newborn baby hamster has a great fur you may give them spinach and broccoli that contain lots of vitamin E that good for your hamster. Besides, contain vitamin E in broccoli that has many vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin K that also good for your newborn baby hamster. Make sure between vitamins, fats, carbohydrates, and proteins all must be balanced.

7. Female and male newborn baby hamster

Hamster has a quick transformation, it only needs 40 days to be an adult hamster. So, that is why as the good owner you should separating the female and male newborn baby hamster into the different cages. For the example the Syrian hamsters. It is should be separated into different cages after six weeks old. Besides the Dwarf hamsters. This hamster is love to play around with their colony. The best time to separate them into different cages is in 12 weeks old. It is to avoid them fight and mating each other.

8. The best toys for them

So, is it allow for the owner to give toys for the newborn baby? Yes, it is allowed after 30 days old, when the newborn baby can eat the solid foods, their eyes open, and they can walk as the mother did. For the best toys for them is a chew toy.  The teeth of the hamster are not stopped growing. It is the reason why chew toy is the best toy for them. You may purchase some of the chew toys from the pet stores. Or you can make it your own chew toys from the fruit tree branches. For the more information about how to make home made chew toys of your hamster. You can see it on how to make homemade chew toys easily for your hamster, may these tips can be useful for you. This homemade chew toys also good for them to play at the outside of the cage. You can try it.

Hopefully, the above on how to properly take care of newborn baby hamster can be useful for us. Give the best treatment and prepare all they need as well as possible. Take care of them as take care of the mother of hamster as well. Good luck.