8 Most Dangerous Animals in New Zealand

As an isolated country, New Zealand is one of the world’s safest place to visit. Generally, New Zealand does not possess any animals that can seriously put human’s life in danger. It means that there are no deadly venomous scorpions or snakes that you need to be worried about in New Zealand.

However, there are some creatures that can harm you if you do not watch yourselves. These animals may give you serious pain and sickness if you have no idea how to deal with them. By knowing what animals which can hurt you in New Zealand, you can take some smart precautions to avoid the possibility of being attacked.

1. Redback Spider

Redback Spider

The most dangerous animals in New Zealand is redback spider. So called because a redback spider has a bold red stripe on its back and a red hourglass-shaped mark underneath. This spider is definitely not one of the types of house spider that can be found easily like in an abandoned building.

The symptoms caused by a redback spider’s bite including pain, sweating, nausea, muscle weakness, vomit, rapid heartbeats, and swollen lymph nodes.

To avoid serious injury caused by this kind of spider, you would need an antivenom injected into your vein. Usually, the redback spiders build their nests and webs on vegetation, undersides of ledges, stone overhangs, and houses.

2. Katipo Spider

Katipo Spider

Katipo Spiders, like redback spiders, also have a red stripe on its black-colored back. The possibility of someone got bitten by a katipo spider is very small because this spider is very rare to be seen in New Zealand.

However, if you do get bitten you must immediately find the nearest medical assistance since the bite may cause pain, sweating, difficulty in breathing, and abdominal cramps. Katipo spiders are commonly found in vegetation and beach grasses, stones and driftwood, and debris such as empty tin cans or bottles.

3. White-tailed Spider

White-tailed Spider

A white-tailed spider is a native animal of Australia but it is common to be seen in New Zealand. A bite from a white-tailed spider can be painful though it won’t cause any serious injury. White-tailed spiders mostly live in garden vegetation, bushes, houses, rifts, and behind pieces of wood.

4. Mosquito


Mosquitoes – creatures whose existence is documented in a list of wild animals that live in the Amazon Forest – are also found in New Zealand. The wet climate that New Zealand has is a perfect place for mosquitoes, one of the world’s most disturbing animals that ever live.

Mosquitoes’ bite can cause irritation and leave itchy, large bumps on the skin. You must use mosquito repellent if you want to go outside and to a remote area. Mosquito net is necessarily needed if you want to sleep outside during the summer.

5. Blackflies


Blackflies, or commonly known as sandflies, are common animals in New Zealand. Blackflies are not included in types of animals born in winter time since they tend to grow to a fair size during the summer in remote parts of the South Island.

These insects cut at the skin to feed on blood, and their saliva causes itchy rashes or hives to develop on the skin. You must bring bug repellent whenever you’re tramping through the sand and try to avoid camping near sandy areas in the summer.

6. Portuguese Man-of-War Jellyfish

Portuguese Man-of-War Jellyfish

Also known as bluebottle jellyfish, this jellyfish are very unusual to spot in the water. However, they are frequently found on beaches in New Zealand and are brought in from waters further north on sea currents.

If you want to go swimming, you need to be careful and to check with a local since bluebottle jellyfish can produce a painful sting. Though it is rare for bluebottle jellyfish to be found in the water or washed up onto the sand, you should avoid contact with them either way.

7. Sharks


In oceans, we can find sharks. This relationship between nature and animal cannot be bargained. Sharks, as we all know, are very common in the oceans, including in the waters surrounding New Zealand.

In fact, the most possible human victims of a shark attack are probably surfers since their suits make them look like seals. However, you still need to be careful of you want to enjoy your trip safely in the ocean of New Zealand.

8. Kea


As a native parrot of New Zealand, Kea is found in southern alpine regions of the South Island. Though this bird is not one of the scary animals over the world, Kea may attack your personal stuff if you leave them unguarded.

However, the most serious damage they cause is to cars. They like to taste the rubber on windscreens, mirrors, and car doors and can be quite devastating. However, they are not a threat to humans.