5 Scary Animal Over the World, Watch Out!

The mother nature oftentimes confront us with the scariest situation in wildlife. Begins from the diversity of wild animal variety, from the dangerous animal of Amazon, the aggressive lion of South Africa, to the beautiful creature yet deadly polar bear in the Arctic. Everything could happen in wildlife. Yet, our human’s curiosity would never allow us to stick in one place without trying seen things with our own eyes.

In this article: of 6 scary animal over the world, watch out! – would show us, sometimes the best thing we could do to face these untamed animals was stay out from their sights. These animals are nothing but deadly creature that could definitely harm you – even kill you. Therefor, if you come nearly to the habitat of these animals you should watch yourself carefully, or you could easily take a note of animals that could harm you in certain places (if you plan to go vacation) so you may prepare for the worst circumstances.

Without further do, Here we are: 5 scary animal over the world, watch out!

1. The Box Jellyfish

Spongebob Squarepants didn’t lie, Folks. The jellyfish indeed could sting you, and the sting is not a joke. This creature had been nominated as the worlds’ most venomous creature – you could imagine what would happen to you when this marine creature caught you at any circumstances. Reportedly, several deaths was caused by this creature – some are just injured but non life-threaten. But, still though that would be extremely painful.

Just like its name, the box jellyfish has squarish-shaped body with long tentacles. The body of this fish is transparent – cute but deadly. The restriction of this animal mostly in tropical regions, such Indo-Pacific, Pacific and Atlantic oceans. The venom that entered the human’s body would induce some serious reactions such: the cripple of nervous system, cardiac arrest, and eat the skin away: Several cases had been reported that the survivor of the stung never make it to the shore.

2. Saltwater Crocodile

The sea had given the human kind so many benefits but also the worst nightmare human kind could ever picture. Let’s pray you would never – ever – have to experience meeting one of most the scariest creature in the sea: the saltwater crocodile. The saltwater crocodile apparently was the most active human-eat animal from other animal – even among their own species. This animal would drown their victims or just do the easy method: eat them as a whole. One thing for sure, this crocodile would never doubt to ambush anything that entered their territory.

The adult male saltwater crocodile could reach the length about 3.5 to 6 meters and weight approximate about 200 to 1,000 kg. The adult female is about 2.7 to 4.3 (total length) meters, and the common weight is 120 to 200 kg. The death shall come to anyone who near – sorry – just overly dramatic. But, yes, the point is, just stay away as far as you could from them. If you want to see this animal, you could take a trip to the borderline of Bangladesh, Northern Australia (Queensland), and Sri Lanka. My best advice – just hire a tour-guide and professional to assist you throughout the trip.

3. The Black Mamba

Oh, yes, snake must be included to the list – not every snake – but the one and only black mamba. Do not ever try to catch it unless you’re a professional – do not disturb it. The cost of your naughtiness is not comparable. The moment this creature bite you, the venom would kill you within ten minutes. Start from respiratory failure to cardiovascular failure and the end – death. Black mamba apparently inhibit in areas such dense forest, rocky slopes, woodland, and savanna.

The adult black mamba ordinarily would reach the length approximate about 2 to 3 meters – even some cases they could reach the length about 4.3 to 4.5 meters. The snake has variety of colors such, gunmetal, khaki, yellowish-brown, and olive. The weird fact is even though their named black mamba – apparently the black color is rarely among the black mamba. Therefor, if you curious and want to see this animal with your own eyes, come and visit these places: South Africa, Namibia, South Sudan, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, and other sub-saharan places of Africa.

4. The Phoneutria Spider

Perhaps, you would never hear about this spider name – how about Brazilian wandering spider? Indeed, Brazilian wandering spider was the nickname of the phoneutria spider – most the deadliest spider in the world – claimed 2010, Guinness World Records. The distribution of this spider commonly found in Central America and South America. The phoneutria size of body is about 17 to 48 mm, with the range of its legs is about 13 to 15 cm.

Once you’re bite by this spider, you would experience symptoms such, sweating, burning pain in the part of bite, and goosebumps. Over the thirty minutes, the symptoms would thrive into blurred vision, vertigo, hypothermia, slow or fast heart beat. The recommendation, seek medical attention as soon as possible after the bite, otherwise, it would grow serious and might cause some medical complications – the worst is death.

5. Komodo Dragon

Classified as lizard species, make komodo dragon as the largest lizard on earth. The only place you could see this animal is Indonesia. Yes, komodo was a native species of Indonesia – precisely in Komodo Island, Gili Motang, Flores, and Rinca. Apparently, like the saltwater crocodile, komodo dragon is a danger party for human. There’s a lot of reports that this animal would never afraid to strike anyone who come near their territory.

Several deaths caused by komodo attack was also reported. Not only kill human, if they want – they could eat us. The estimate of their life-range is about thirty years. The average size of adult male komodo is about 2.59 meters with weight about 70 to 96 kg; the adult female average size is about 2.29 meters with weight approximately about 68 to 73 kg. The biggest komodo dragon was reportedly reached the length about 3.13 meters with the weight around 166 kg.

That was the 5 scary animal over the world, watch out! – you need to know. Remember, my friend – keep safe and do not ever try to disturb any kind of wild animals out there – even the cute one. You’ll never know when these animals would attack you.