A Wild Duck That Can Be Adopted as Pet Duck

Many people want to be different and unique. Nowadays, people are challenge to show their ‘another’ self. Being different is part of loving their self and being their self. Because of this think, many people express their feeling, one of all by loving unusual animal. Not only loving, many people of that keeping it at home.

Did you ever see community of unusual animal pet lovers? That is one of all prove of their existence and also to make another people aware that being different by pet unusual animal is cool either. Wild animals that mostly didn’t pet at home should being at their home.

Actually, not much people want to pet wild animal. That’s because not every animal can be tamed easily and also, their free life on the nature can’t be replace inside cage. It is same like bring them to the prison, lock them away, and end their freedom.

Here is some reason why people won’t pet wild animal.

  • Safety side

Many animals are accustomed to living freely. This free-living habit makes when there are people who start hunting for them, then they will regard humans as a threat. They can attack human even before the taming process is carried out. Predatory animals are not recommended to be keep at home because their predatory instincts will be difficult to eliminate. It will be a new problem if you keep forcing them to take them to crowded settlements because when he rebels, the opportunity to hide in your neighbour’s house will be both difficult and dangerous.

  • Balanced wild-life

Wild animals that enter settlement or city usually have problem in their natural habitat. Problems such as loss of habitat, loss of food sources, or getting lost from herd can get them to settlement. The wild animals will not enter settlement if their original environment is balanced and have no problem. Confining animals that are ‘not problematic in their original environment’ will keep them imprisoned.

  • Not time to tame

Bringing wild animal into your home is a big risk. As we know, a home should be the safest place for family. If you are aware of that, then the main way to make your pet wild animals can live side by side with your family is to tame them. If you don’t have time to get used to your wild animal, it will be very difficult to make them tame. Busy people often choose animals that support their busy life too. So, if they do not have enough time to be with their animals, usually they will not take risks to look after them.

If there is an animal comes to our environment, it means that they really need to be ‘cared’. They lost their food, home, and hope. They might be lost but is too fast to assume like that when remind that our policy to manage wild animal is pretty good.

In America, there is so much wild duck that might come to settle especially for riverbank settlement. It is also related when the winter come and the river freeze. They might try to find food and drink in the midst of freezing everywhere. There is so much reason why the wild-duck can comes to the settlement.

If you interest to pet wild duck, there is a kind that mostly pet at home by naturally process. It is really natural means that there is no hunt session, not hurt them, and it is naturally they are following us. The wild duck is Mallard. Mallard is wild duck that has black, grey, and green feather color combination. Their beak is orange, and they are easily met around of the river.

Mallard’s Fact to be a Pet

  • They can survive on low temperature

Actually, keeping Millard ducks in your home is not much different from maintaining other ordinary duck. Food and drink are not much different, even with foods that you shouldn’t give to Millard duck. All the same. But the most unique, they can survive outdoors even when the temperature shows 0C. As long as they get enough supply of drink, the ice temperature is not a threat to them. A few tips for you, Millard are a social duck. They have natural fear in human. If you want to take care of them, at least bring more than one Millard to balance their psychic. Millard is also vulnerable to stress if he continues to feel scared. To avoid it, keeping more than one Millard duck will help them.

  • Pond

To equalize their native environment in your home, you need to prepare a pond for Millard. Pond will facilitate their swimming habit. If you already have pond in the back of your house then that’s good, but if you don’t have to make it. Making your own pond will make it dirty fast and difficult to clean. The fastest step you can take is to buy a rubber pool that your child usually uses.

The Tips to Catch their Attention

  • Feeding

As mentioned above, wild animal that come to settlement usually have problem with their native environment, one of all the problem of food sources. Millard may be afraid of human but he will peck your hand to ask for food. They will easily remember you if you often feed them.

  • Getting used

By often feeding them, Mallard will be familiar with you. Frequently inviting them to talk will also make them familiar with your presence. They can follow you wherever they feel familiar and safe near you.

Basically, all pets are wild. You just don’t meet him first when they are babies or in their mother’s womb. You meet them with their condition first to know the wild life from you so that their herd has not been tamed. Not all animals can be easily tamed. There is animal that have been born to be free so be wise to choose animal that you will keep at home. Forcing yourself to be cool by keeping animal that should not be maintained will only torture animals.