2 Differences Between Tiger Habitat and Lion Habitat

Lion and tiger was the ferocious animals that ruled the wildlife (on the ground), and also classified as the cat (felidae) family – but the two of them was included in different species. Lion was from P. Leo species, and tiger from P. Tigris. Known as the ruthless predators these wild animals share the same power (with three others big cats leopard, jaguar, and the snow leopard), both of them had striking differences that you could easily found. Especially, their outlook appearance.

The tiger own a powerful forelimbs and muscular body, and their pelage was heavy and colored by the three main colors: shade of orange, brown, black, and white ventral areas – mixture as beautiful vertical pattern of coat. Apparently, tiger has four variant of colors:

  • The regular tiger: which is own the four main colors – the colors that I’ve been mention above – the orange, brown, black, and white. All colors was thick, which appears as beautiful and magnificent coat.
  • The snow white tiger: apparently, the snow white tiger were the rarest tiger on earth, which own the purely white coat with faints golden stripes as the accessory.
  • The golden tiger: golden colored tiger own a beautiful golden and white fur, and reddish color as the stripes. The golden color was still had higher number than the snow white.
  • The white tiger: the last in the white tiger. The white tiger own entirely white coat with the black stripes as the accessories. Looks very gorgeous, but still – dangerous.

Moreover, let’s continue to the king of jungle – your highness lion. Unfortunately, the lion doesn’t has a beautiful coat just like the tiger – BUT, they do have something that none of other animals own, the majestic hairs. Lion has a muscular body, and the deep-chest. Their fur varies colors was dark brown to yellowish red to the light buff to silver grey colors. The differences between male and female was the hair.

The lioness doesn’t has the hairs (surround their head) – it’s different with the tigers. Tiger female and male was share the same characteristic coat – you make the differences by observing their sized (the males are bigger than females). Furthermore, tiger has bigger than the lion: lion size is about 1.5 meters to 2.5 meters, and tiger about 2 to 3.3 meters. The lion weight approximately about 454 kg (captive lion) and approximately about 313 kg for wild male.

Tiger approximate weight is 464 kg (captive tiger) and 388 kg foe wild male. Moreover, there a hybrid experiment made by naturalist that created a hybrid species between the male lion and female tiger  which called liger. Ligers was extremely bigger than both their parents, the most biggest recorded liger on the earth named Nook successfully reach 550 kg. That is fantastic, isn’t it?

Both these animals was in crucial moment, just like numbers of animals out there such elephants, rhinos, and the polar bear (which is threaten by the climate changes) – tigers have been classified as endangered species and at the same time, lion has been classified as the near threaten species. This issue increase the concern of many parties to make the move before these both animals really extinct from our planet.

So, now we’re going to learn about 2 differences between tiger habitat and lion habitat to make sure we would keep their habitat save, to make sure they would survive as long as possible.

1. Habitat

Tigers and lions, basically – these two carnivore separate in two different areas, environments and habitat. No wonder wonder, it might be very rare cases or a little coincidence for these two big cats if they have to meet face to face in the wildlife – although it’s not impossible. The lion mostly inhibit in the places such grassland and savanna, although sometimes – yes, they would take a trip to forest and bushes. If they really do, consequently, they would not be welcome nicely by the host, tigers – because their action would be count as a territory’s break through.

Affected by their unusual social pattern or we could say the grouping pattern (compares to the other relative), lion prefer to live in an open woodland or other open areas like savanna. That is why, the most numbers of lions would be found in the desert of Africa, which is also the most popular fauna’s traveling destination in the world.

Lion’s habitual structure was different from tiger. Tiger prefer to live inside the forest, grassland, and swamp margins – because tigers requires a perfect cover to camouflage from dangerous situation and enemies. The forest or jungle was the perfect place that provided plenty of meal for tiger, plus – tigers was individual animals – they prefer to hunt alone than as a group. Perhaps, the only places you could found these two animals walk and sleep together in the same grass  peacefully – was in the conservation, zoo, or national park.

2. Distribution

The tiger’s distribution widely in across Asia, particularly the east side such Transcaucasia, eastern Turkey, Lake Baikal, and Altai Mountains until the sea of Japan. Not only the east, the distribution also encompass the south areas from India to the southeast Asia, and Indonesian regions such Java, Sumatra (the Sunda island), and Bali. The population’s distribution might be affected by the highest and stable numbers of their main menu such bovids, and cervids.

In central Asia, the tigers were occurred in the Tugay riverine forest, and their tributaries such Syr Darya, Amu Darya, Chu, Hari, and Lli river. In east Asia, you would found in Russian Far east  mixed forest, also Korean pine, China (between China-Russia border line recorded by Hunchun National Nature Reserve), in the forest of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, and Indonesia (mostly in Sumatra forest). We should be aware, that tigers have been push to the edge as the list of endangered species – it’s been reported that their numbers keep decreased year by year.

The most distribution of lion occurred in Africa with hold the largest open woodlands and desert in the world. Even though in the North Africa, apparently since 1960s this animal start to extinct, and left only the southern of Sudan as the area that still own this big cat. In Eurasia, had been through a long journey from Greece to India, survived in the Caucasus, and eradicated to Palestine in the middle ages, and by now – sadly this existence of lion had been threatened in Southwest Asia.

The only Asiatic lion this present was around the Gir forest National Park, located in western India, Gujarat. Perhaps lion also distributed at countries which had dry savannas forest and scrub forest.

This is the end of 2 differences between tiger habitat and lion habitat that you, my friends should know. As a human, the only creature that could manage and protect these two animal’s existence, we should arrange the long term planning to safe them from extinct from now. Don’t you agree with me, folks?