6 Affordable Yet Nutritious Food You Can Give to Your Pet Hamster

When pet something, the thing that usually as consideration is their food. We can avoid that their food also takes a big budget from our money. This is so relatable with carnivore animal where we know that meat cost isn’t cheap anymore. It doesn’t mean that pet something carnivore will make you poor, it depends on your food management. People who feel so poor usually can’t manage their pet food well so they tend to waste it.

For you who pet hamster, you have to feel so blessed. Because of their small body, they didn’t need a lot of food to filling their stomach. As we know that hamster is omnivore, they can eat anything but give them meat isn’t suggested. It’s hard for them to digest it.

Beside factory food that you can give to your hamster, non-factory food like real vegetable can also you give to hamster. Moreover, that food is better than give them instant or factory food. Don’t worry about the price because these foods are still affordable and easy to find around you.

Without any further do, here is some affordable nutritious food that you can give to your hamster. All mentioned below should be available on your hamster’s bowl, fellas!

  • Corn

Corn contained a lot of carbohydrate which is good for hamster. For active hamster like Rodorovski, carbohydrate supply must be guaranteed will. Carbohydrate will be burned in to energy. Be careful to not give them too much because it will change into fat if didn’t burned as energy. Beside dry corn, you can also provide raw corn as a staple food or snack for the hamster. Raw corn is perfect for hamsters who are breastfeeding because the water content in it can help produce more hamsters milk.

  • Green beans

Green beans are good for hamster’s growing process. Green beans are known to be very good for hamsters because it can help hone teeth that keep growing. Various kinds of content both in green beans such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins and various types of vitamins, can be regulating substances in the body of the hamster.

  • Soya beans

Soya beans known as one of all protein supplies. Beside good for human, soya beans also good for hamster. Like green beans, soybeans can also be an alternative staple food for growing hamsters and also helps sharpen developing hamster teeth. Soya beans also good for diet hamster.

  • Sunflower seeds

Even little bit pricey, sunflower seed can be separate from hamster. Because of hard to produce, it is not surprise that sunflower seed become so pricey. Caring sunflower also not that thing, it is hard and they can’t live longer. Many people consider that sunflower seeds are main food of a hamster. In fact, sunflower seeds should be used as a snack for hamsters. Sunflower seeds are one of the foods with a high fat content that is 51.5 grams in 100 grams of seeds. It can be used as a mixture in hamster staples so they can get more balanced nutrition.

  • Carrot

Beside good for rabbit, carrot also suggestable to giving to hamster. Carrot is very good for hamster snack food. Carrot is best used as food for hamster, especially hamster with red eyes because these hamsters are very easily attacked by cataract. Beside, carrot can taken by the water are also good for alternative hamster drink, although it is not recommended to replace the main drinking water because it can cause the hamster to urinate continuously.

  • Bean sprout

For you who have baby hamster, bean sprout is so suggestable to consumed by them. Baby hamster who had transition eating from consuming milk to solid food should be eating bean sprout. Bean sprout contains lots of vitamin K which is very good for maintaining fertility so the hamster is easy to reproduce. Don’t too often give bean sprouts because it can provide the risk of diarrhea in hamsters.

Even the price is affordable, it is not proper for you to waste it quickly. You still to control and be wise to manage it. Both cheap and expensive food has their own portion. It is not about the expensive food will effect good either to hamster and cheap food can’t. it is about balance nutrition and how far you can control to feed them.

It will useless that expensive food will broke their healthy just because you can’t considering that food must nutritionally balance for the hamster. It will feel so lost when you buy something expensive but it is pretty useless. If we can reach something using affordable thing, then why not?