4 Kind of Hamster Feeds That Should Be Avoided

As we know that food is fundamental thing for every life creature. As main energy source, food become first needed. Every life creature has their own speciality on food. Not every life creature can eat same kind of food. There is food that should be avoided by any life creature. Usually, the food that should be avoided because of it isn’t friendly enough for their digestion system. Also, the avoided food may cause some problem not only for digestion system but also system organ inside of body.

Food for hamster may you think all about something small. You may thing everything can ate by them. But in the fact, not every small thing can eat by them. It is not about the size, but it is about is it safe enough for them or can they digest this food well?

Also, determine something that we would give them also comparing with the kind of the animal. Is it herbivore or omnivore? After that we can determine what kind of food for them. Hamster it self including in herbivore animal which is mean that they can eat leaves, grain, and another plants product.

There is some avoided food that can’t eat by hamster. Here is avoided and suggested food for hamster.

Avoided feeds

  • Vegetable

Herbivore animal like hamster and rabbit are really have to avoiding vegetable. They are really unsuggested to eat green leaves moreover white leaves like mustard because it can cause weakness in the spine. Hamster does eat vegetable but don’t give it too often. Some types of gummy vegetables, such as kale, can cause heartburn. Excessive feeding of vegetables can cause hamsters too frequent bowel movements, even diarrhea. These symptoms can be known from hamster’s butt that always wet.

  • Salt dish

Salted fish and other salt-containing dishes should not be given to hamsters. This type of feeding in hamsters can lead hamster to hair fall.

  • Candy and chocolate

Chocolate and candy are dangerous food for hamsters. Chocolate itself is toxic to hamsters. Moderate to sweets, often contain chemicals that have never existed in hamster food. In addition, sugar content in both are not good for hamster health.

  • Instant food

Instant food either in the form of snack, noodles, or any form with various brands sold on the market, should not be given to the hamster. Often these foods contain chemical substances as dyes and preservatives that cannot be tolerated hamster. In excess amounts, these chemicals may cause tumors, cancer, and pregnancy disorders. In addition, instant foods can almost certainly contain salt, so it can cause hair loss in the hamster.

Suggested feeds

  • Soybeans

Soy beans are protein-rich grains. Soybean is well to hamsters so that they can grow and develop well. In addition, dried soy beans are good for sharpening the hamster’s teeth. Keep in mind that hamster’s teeth continue to grow and need to be honed so that it is not too long.

  • Sprouts

Bean sprouts are sprouts from green beans. You can only give sprouts a little bit each week. Sprouts contain a lot of vitamin K that is good for maintaining fertility hamsters.

  • Red rice

Red rice contains carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are needed as a source of energy to perform various activities. If the hamster is deficient in carbohydrates, its energy needs will be taken from fat so that long-time hamster can become thin. Brown rice is also good for brain development.

Pet something must be have high commitment. You need to compromise because you already decide to pet something in your home. Their food may be hard to find, but the choice is in your hand. If you want to easy-treat animal, choose the right one. But if you want to unique one, so the treatment also needed something special.

For hamster, the treatment tends to easy if we can say. Talk about food, hamster doesn’t need much food to living. Because of their mini size, it also makes them not into food. It’s of course because low storage cause of their mini body.

Another reason why pet hamster is more economical than another animal is you don’t need to buy a lot of food to used as stock. You can buy a little suggested food so it can used for a long time.