Are Siberian and Tabby Cat Get the Same Treatment?

Cats are one of the most popular household cats and they are really one of the most loved and popular animals all around the world. When dealing with cat, there are many kinds of breeds and species from small cute furry little cat like Scottish fold or bigger furry cat like Persian or Angora cat and each of cat species have their own special characters and unique features. Many cats also have different behaviour and you should approach and treat them differently. Treatment for smaller cats like Scottish fold might not be appropriate for bigger or other cats like Persian or Siamese cat. Knowing the best treatment for every breed of cats will help you to treat cats better and properly. If you are searching for the guide on treating your certain breed of cats, then you might have come to the right place. We provide various guide on how to take care of different species of cats from all popular Persian, Angora, Scottish fold, Siamese, Siberian cat, Tabby cat and many more. Keep updated every day with our animal care guide to make sure you can get updated information every day.

Today, we are going to discuss about Siberian cat and Tabby cat. Both Siberian cat and Tabby cat are on of the very popular cat breeds that many cat lovers always happy to have and take care. They are also considered as pretty expensive and impressive cat breed to have. However, taking care of Siberian and Tabby cat might not be as easy as you might think. They need quite an extensive care and treatment that not many people could afford to give them. Treatment for cats might be similar from one cat to other, but sometimes there are differences with each breeds of cat with their behaviour, hence they will need a different treatment. This is the case of Siberian and Tabby cat. They are pretty similar cats in appearances, however they have slight behaviour differences so you might need to give different care and treatment. So, Are Siberian and Tabby Cat Get the Same Treatment? Or you need a different treatment for both of them?

Siberian and Tabby cat treatment and care guide you might want to look at

First of all, for those who doesn’t know and familiar with Siberian and Tabby cat we will introduce you to them now. They are pretty popular cat breeds that many people love to cuddle. Let’s meet them shall we?

  • Siberian cat description, behaviour and recommended treatment

Hailing from the cold Northern Asia, Siberian cat is one of the rare cat breeds that not many cat lovers have a chance to have them. Siberian cat is one of the big cat breed, a direct descendant to Siberian wild cats after the domestication for countless of decades. Siberian cat have big, plump and rotund body, with long fur coat and whiskers. They also have triangular face similar with wild cats, however their neck is mostly covered with dense coat to keep them warm. They are large in size as males could reach for more than 20 lbs while females are mostly on 12 lbs. They also have muscular build with powerful legs and paws so they are also good hunter. One of the most distinct feature is that they have thick mane. This mane is the extensions of their fur coat on their neck in order to keep them warm.

Siberian cats hail from cold Northern region, so no wonder that they have muscular body, bushy tail and dense coat to protect them from cold. Siberian cat just comes from Northern Asia stretch from Russia, Northern China, Siberia and some part of Eastern Europe. This cat is pretty rare as not many people breed this cat so it is rather expensive and exotic breeds of cat that not many people have a good luck to have them as their household pets.

As for their treatments, one thing you should never forget about treating Siberian cat is their dense fur coat. Their grooming might need some attention just like any other cat breeds that have longer fur coat. Siberian cat fur coat could grow into quite a long hair, especially during the winter when they grow a winter coat to help fend off cold. Grooming is pretty important, however it might not be as hard as you might think, since Siberian cat have natural long slick fur that doesn’t tangle easily.

  • Tabby cats, their behaviour and their treatment

Some people might think of Tabby cat is a certain breed of cat and it is pretty confusing for some people that doesn’t know anything about cat. Tabby cat is not actual single breed of cat as they don’t represent a single breed of cat but rather a huge and diverse group of cats. Tabby actually refers to their fur coat. Historically, the word Tabby comes from various sources like Atabi or Attabiah in the middle east which means silk coat, or a French words of Taffeta which means rich watered silk. So, to put it simply, tabby cat isn’t one single breed of cats but rather various of cat breeds from different sub-species that have been mixed breeding by countless of cats from all around the world, but one unique feature and characteristics of tabbies are their slick fur coat that comes with various colour and patterns.

Tabby cats come with various colour and patterns from orange, marmalade, black, gray, splotch of white. Some have stripes, some have spots, some have shades of various colour and some are even have combinations of various patterns. One thing that distinguish tabbies with other cat is that they have generally shorter and slick hair that is easy to maintain and groom.

Siberian cat and Tabby cat treatment

So the answer on the Are Siberian and Tabby Cat Get the Same Treatment? Question is pretty obvious. Both are different cats, hailing from different region, with different characteristics. They are of course require different treatment and care. Siberian cat need lot of attention and treatment on their grooming, but they are bigger cats that enjoy a social play with their master and other creatures. Tabby cats doesn’t have long fur coat which means you don’t need too much effort grooming their fur, however they still need your care to groom, play and pet them from time to time.