7 Causes of Cat to Meow at Midnight

Are you a cat lover? It sure an interesting topic to discuss talking about this whiskery animal. In this article we are going to talk about cat that constantly meowing in the middle of the night that you might probably find it often.

Cat is one of the most widely meet animal, you can even meet it every day around your neighborhood and also on the streets. This animal is so cute and adorable and that’s why a lot of people loving it. However there are also some people that have the heart to hurt them. As a cat lover, there are a lot of people that sensitive to cat’s behavior whether they are hungry, or experience other thing.

However there are a lot of people that questioning on why a cat keeps meowing at night. There are a lot of case when cat making a noise around the neighbor or in front of your house because they constantly meowing. It happen for a reason, but most people don’t know the answer

When meeting on this case, it is better for you to not hurt them. Try to come closer to them and check what is really happening. And if you could help it, you should help it to calm down their voice. Wondering why cats making noise at night? Check this article.

Causes of Cat to Constantly Meow at Midnight

Do you know that cat classified as an animal that love to gather. Human will probably immediately have a meal when they are feeling hungry. But how about cat? They might couldn’t do what human do, moreover wild cats. A hungry wild cat will keep looking for food until someone would like to give them some food. But if there is nobody who would like to give them food, they’ll just go for a sleep until they got starve and making it feel the urge to find some food. That’s why cat meowing at night when they are feeling extremely hungry.

  • Breed Phase

Most cats will meow in the middle of the night when it comes to breeding phase. That is their way to express their desire to their couple, especially male cat has a more louder and high voice. If you have a cat and on its breeding phase, why don’t you just help it so the voice won’t bother your sleep. Here are What You Should Prepare For Cat Breeding Preparation that you should read before your cat produce a huge amount of kitten

  • Injured

Not only human that can whine, cat could also do the same thing when they couldn’t bare anymore with the condition. When cat meowing constantly in the middle of the night, probably they feel in pain on their body, such as a human abuse, such as showered with hot water, or hurt it with a sharp tool. If this happen, cat couldn’t heal their self besides meowing. If that happen you might want to read on 7 Safe Tips for Caring The Sick Cat At Home for Beginners

  • Looking for its kids

Cat will meow all the night, probably because they are looking for their lost kids. Most adult cat will constantly meow until they found their children. On the other word, this is their way to express sadness for losing. Because of it, it is better for someone to unify between cat mother with her kids when they are still babies, because besides they are still needing breastfeeding,  the mother also still need her kids. Here are 5 Signs That You Have A Happy And Healthy Cat that you might want to read as an indicator

  • Seeing ghost

In the middle of the night cat meowing? Believe it or not that our earth also occupied by visible and invisible creature. But not most human can see the shape of ghost, compare to animal which has a high vision and know their surroundings. The same thing happens with cat that can see ghost clearly when it come and go. Cat might meowing constantly because it see something that can’t be seen by human.

  • Fighting

Cat’s enemy is no more than other cat, but in a same gender, such as female cat meet with other female cat and male cat with other male cat. And when that happen, cat usually doesn’t go straight to a fight, but they mocking each other first by meowing constantly. Here are that you can do which also the same as handle a dog’s fight How to Train Puppies to Stop Fighting Each Other in The House

  • Seeing Predator

Cat will keep meowing at night when they see a predator, such as snake. If they only seeing a rat, there is no way that they will meow constantly because they will immediately take it as a prey. Cat could judge whether a snake is a dangerous predator or nor so they meow which means as a sign for you and other people.

  • Feeling Lonely

As if they are crying, cat will also meows at night when it feel lonely. So, it is not only human that can feel lonely, but cat could also feel the same. So, probably cat need an accompany so they meow at night. Here are Signs of Cats Looking for Attention

It is difficult to predict what cat want through meow. But that is their only way to express their feeling to the close one. Meow means a lot of thing, such as cat meows in the middle of the night. That is all, hopefully it will be useful.