3 Bad Habit of Siamese Cat That Make You Shock

Hello and welcome to our lovely small animal website that always strive to provide the best for every animal lover in the world and pet all around the world. If you want to make sure you could give you the best for your pets, then you might need to check out in our website. We always providing every of pet owners with the animal care guide and interesting animal facts updated daily so you can find it every day here. Make sure to check out our animal care website here every day so you won’t miss out our daily update. As for today, we are going to discuss about cat. Cat is arguably one of the most popular pets from all around the world. Cats are fluffy, little ball of fur that considered as one of the most popular house pet. Many people have argued that cats are one of the best pet competing with dogs, so even many people are divided into cat person or dog person. Cats are cute little pet that many people love to take care of, and many people are consider them as best pet. If you are truly love cats as a house pet, then you might need to check out our today article here.

Today. We aren’t going to talk about just any type of cats. We are going to talk about Siamese cat, a very popular breeds of cat. Siamese cat is one of the most popular breed of cats, they are considered as smart animals, with clever predicament, quite happy temper and elegant slender body. Many people choose Siamese cat as their favourite household pets, however few have been know that Siamese cat sometimes have a bad habit. This bad habit might give a few beginner pet owner a headache at first. If you are planning on getting a Siamese cat, might be wise for you to look at this 3 Bad Habit of Siamese Cat That Make You Shock article.

What is Siamese cat and What are their bad habits?

Before we start in our today’s discussion, let us give you some general information of cat. Cat or Felis Catus or domestic house cat in this case is a carnivorous mammal that comes from the line of feline family related with big cat such as tiger or lion. Cat is quadrapedal mammals that inhabit wide habitats all around the world from jungle, rainforest, savannah and urban metropolitan. Domestication of wild cats begin since ancient times, approximately during the Ancient Mesopotamian Empire human have started to domesticate wild cats for their pets to keep guard on their crops from pest like rodents. Cats eat rodents like rats and therefore will help farmer to keep rodents at bay and protect their crops. Since then, cats have been one of the most loyal human companion and symbols of household pets. In some cultures, cat even considered as good luck charm, bringer of good fortune and even considered as holy animals in Ancient Egyptian culture.

Siamese cat is one distinct breed of cat derived from Asian cat like Wichianmat landrace or wild Asian jungle cats. They originated from jungle in Thailand and some parts of Burma. This cat alongside with Burmese cat have been referred as good luck charms in many part of Asia especially Thailand, Burma, Vietnam and some part of Chinese. Today, Siamese cat is one of the most sought after cat and one of the most popular breeds of cat too. However, you should aware that beginner pet owner might be confounded by this cat, since it can have some really headaching habits. What are their bad habits? We are going to list them bellow.

  • Siamese cat need lot of affection

Siamese cat is one of the most active and playful breed of cats. Siamese is very curious breed of cats, and you might see them roaming around, scratching around and curious with anything they could sniff. However, Siamese cat also needs quite a lot of affection. If their master didn’t gave them enough attention, Siamese cat will meow to signal that they want to play and affection. If their master still don’t want to give attention, Siamese cat can give a signal of jealousy and they can get pretty cranky too. If you have a Siamese cat, make sure your cat isn’t lonely and you provide them with enough attention every day.

  • It is pretty hard to train Siamese cat

One thing you should know is that sometimes Siamese cat can be extremely hard to be trained. If you don’t know the tricks to train them, Siamese cat could be really hard to be trained. Siamese cat is playful and happy creature, but to train them to do a certain things like bathroom training or some basic tricks, it can be quite some time for you to train them. Some cat expert advised that if you are still beginner cat owner, you might want to start with any other breed of cats except for Siamese. Siamese is one of the hardest cat to train as they can be pretty cranky and spoiled too sometime. It is possible to train them with a few tricks like playing fetch and bathroom training, however it might took you more time training Siamese cat rather than training other breed of cats.

  • Siamese cat meow a lot too

To finisih up with this 3 Bad Habit of Siamese Cat That Make You Shock article, This last fact might be pretty intriguing. Siamese is also pretty social animals. They meow constantly whenever there is anything that is considered intriguing for them. Siamese meow a lot and constantly too, sometimes even in the midnight where everyone is asleep. Siamese cat meow for communication, expression and also when they feel curious, intrigued, hungry, scared and many more. If you don’t know why your Siamese cat meow constantly even in the dead of the night, you might need to visit our other article on the reasons why cat meow a lot and constantly too.