7 Causes of Kitten to Meow Constantly

Cat is a cute, adorable and silly animal. There are a lot of cat silly behavior that make people pissed off to adore. Are you one of the people who love cats or other way round? You need to know if you hate cats, then this whiskers animal is interesting to have. Moreover this animal is smart, because they have the instinct and sensitivity to human.

When you feel that you hate it, then you probably won’t have that close relation with the cat. But of you care about cat, then it might be easy for the cat to memorize you as someone who care and close to it. There is only a few people that can get to close easily with cat, so lucky you if you can get closer to cat easily. Do it in the right way to kick them out.

Meow could represent a lot of meaning, and only cat who know and maybe there are only a few people that could understand its meaning. When a kitten keep meowing there could be several reasons behind it, such as:

1. Thirsty

Kitten tend to meow constantly, especially at a young age, it means that they still breastfeed on their mother. If you have this case, it could mean that kitten is thirsty and need to be breastfeed. Sometimes the cat doesn’t want to breastfeed her kids anymore or still going out to find some food. It is better if you could help her by providing food and drink to the cat and milk for the kitten. A Bowl Of Milk For A Cat Is Common, But There’s Something You Need To Know to expand your knowledge about cat.

2. Needing their mother

When kitten meow constantly, it may needing their mother. It is often happen when the mother doesn’t want to admit her own kid, so after birth she will abandon her kid just like that. So, kitten will start meowing because they need their mother

3. Feel danger

Kitten could feel if there is warm around them. That will also make them constantly meowing. Such as if there is a snake that will take them as prey, kitten could feel that there is something not normal or danger. If your kitten act like this, it is better for you to check it out and make them feel comfortable

4. Freezing

Another sign is maybe they feel freezing. You need to know that kitten in a breastfeeding phase need warmth. Moreover seeing they are small and don’t have that much energy, without help they can do nothing besides meowing. So probably freezing is one of the factors to their constant meow

5. Sick

There are a lot of cases when the mother take her kids from place to place, even to a high place and that could cause them to fall down. If the kid doesn’t die at place, so it need to feel the horrible pain for a few days. That pain could be the reason behind their meow. Feeling not good, while there is nothing they can do besides meowing. If that happen you might want to read on 7 Safe Tips for Caring The Sick Cat At Home for Beginners

6. Uncomfortable

Are you still wondering what make kitten constantly meowing? Let’s say that they might feel less comfortable or uncomfortable to the surrounding. Maybe it is too dirty or too humid, so it causes the kitten to feel uneasy. When this thing happen, try to create a new environment or place for the kitten. If it still occurs there could be any other factor that your kitten trying to say. Try to pet them, which you can read on : How to Groom A Cat with Matted Hair

        7. Confused

The most common thing to happen are when a kitten learning to walk, and or on purpose is thrown by someone. If these thing happen, it will definitely cause the kitten to meow constantly because they feel lost. Confused on what to do, while there is nothing they can do. If that happen you might want to read : How to Help Cat That Has Trouble Walking

Actually, it could be normal for a kitten to meow constantly. It is also common for kitten to meow all the time, because they are still kids and they are still on their active phase due to adaptation. Here are 10 Reasons Why Your Cat Meowing Loudly. Besides that there could be reason behind their meow, such as need their mother, hungry, thirsty,  or sick that you need to know as their owner.

When you listening to a cat’s meow, do something to make them comfortable without hurting them. At least the way you treat them will make them calm. Here are the 7 reasons behind your cat’s constant meow. Happy reading and good luck!