10 Facts To Love About Cows

Many people sees cows as merely as farm animal who are big, slow and could not do much because they tend to label as ‘lazy’ because you just have not find what to love about cows. Unlike dogs or cats who have been knows as wonderful animals and great to be pet, cows are known for their milk and meat products only. But once you know how lovable cows is, you might find cows are more adorable than you think they are. Cows are one emotional animals, and they could become your best friend. They also very smart and have some appreciation with music. If you want to know why cows could be adorable, here are 10 facts to love about cows.

1. Cows Are Smart

As mention before, cows are naturally one smart animals, those who says cows are dumb animal did not get closer to know facts to love about cows. Past research found that cows could learn from experience, they could choose how to act in the future by learning from their past experience. They also loves to have some challenge, cows could get excited by doing it. If cows are happy and excited they run around and leap into the air with excitement.

2. Cows Can Remember A Lot of Stuff

Because cows are smart, they are able to remember a lot of things. One fact to love about cows is how good their memory are, if you interact with cows and treat them nicely they can remember that, cows could remember your fact. The next time you come face to face with them, they know that you treated them nicely before and could be more friendly with you. Cows also have good spatial memory, they could remember where things are located. Simple example is they are good remember where their food is.

3. Cows Are Emotional Animal

You mid find it weird, but cows also could have a mood swings. They can be happy when its sunny outside, and they can be sad when its rainy outside. More like dogs especially husky, cows love to play outside and plays with other animals. They are the type of animal who couldn’t be kept inside barn or shelter for whole day.  But some day they just want to be left alone. The incredible fact about cows is, they could hold grudge to someone or other cows for a long time if they ever crossed the line.

4. Cows Take Care of Their Babies For A Long Time

It is one natural thing for a mother to nurse their babies, and cows are not exception. If cows aren’t exploit for their milk, they could nurse their calf up to 3 years. Cows have extremely strong maternal bonds, they also protective, attentive and loving parents. Mother cows and their calf can be very close to each other for life, in other word they still remember their mother for life, not like any majority animals.

5. Cows Love Attention

Not only dogs and cats, cows also love some attention. It will be great way to show them some affection by giving cows some belly rub or a scratch behind their ear more like a dog. Giving them a lot of attention will make them happy and healthy. One incredible thing to love about cow is, they can heal over time from some mistreated even abused treatment. They are the kind animal who is able to forgive and learn to trust people even they are badly treated.

6. Cows Can Make Best Friend

It is either another cows or another animal from farm or maybe a person, cows can make best friend that they keep for life. This adorable fact is add to one of the reason to love about cows. Best friend mean that you have close friendship with another individuals and it could be upsetting to be separate from your best friend. Cows are no different, they could shows some stress sign if you separate them from their best friend.

7. Cows Have A Long Life Span

Unlike any other animals whom could be pets like dogs, cats, bunnies even birds, cows have longer life span in average. When cows are not exploit by their meat and milk products, they could life up to 20 years in average. If the cows are giving a natural quality of life, where they spent their daily life communicating with other cows and species, and enjoying the sun in the pasture. Their life will naturally go longer if they eat something in that grows naturally.

8. They Rest According to Magnetic Direction

A past German’s research found this incredible facts about that will make your love about cows increase. When cows are grazing or resting, they tend to face either magnetic north or south. They keep doing that, no mother where the sun’s position is or where the wind’s direction go. But the reason why cows use it are still mystery.

9. Cows Could Grieve a Long Time

Cows knows to have strong bonds, either with their children or best friend. It is known if they lost or separate from someone who is close to them, they start to shown sign of grief. Simple example is when their calves are taken away, the mother cows will cry for days even shown some sign of depression. So does the calves, they will distressed and start to cry for their mother.

10. Cows Could Pick Up Some Accents

This is another adorable fact to love about cows,  they might just say moo to communicate.  But one cattle farmer notice when he brought another cows from different regions, the moo sound is quite different. Much more like human, it means that cows have moo accent that they pick up from where they come from.  Even language specialist are determined by that.

These 10 amazing facts about cows hopefully could make your love about cows increase. You might want to meet cows for yourself. Just remember, when you do meet a cow, you need to bring positive energy to them. Be gentle and kind, and show them some affection because they will remember you for a very long time.