Ayam Kampung, What Makes Her Special Compared to Other Free Ranger Breeds?

Hello there, fellow poultry farmers! How’s business going? We hope your business will always be profitable every day, more, and long lasting. We know that this business is kind of difficult but in the end thousands of dollars could visit your pocket every day if you manage to succeed on it. Speaking of the business, lastly, we only talked about broiler or layer egg farm business; today we are going to change a little bit into backyard or free-range farm business; specifically, we are going to learn about Ayam Kampung. So today, we are going to briefly speak about backyard farm, but specifically we are going to talk about ayam kampung. You guys might be asking why ayam kampung? There are hundreds of free-range breeds that we can choose, but why ayam kampung? What’s so special about them? Today, animallova would live to give you the Ayam Kampung, What Makes Her Special Compared to Other Free Ranger Breeds? Put your attention, and you might be looking for a copper but in the end you will find a gold; check it out!

What Make Them Similar to Other Free Ranger Breeds?

Well, before we talk something special about them; we should talk about what similarities they have among other free-ranger breeds. This information later on would help you to reconsider your choice of breed for your farm; remember, choose wisely and be profitable.


Not like broiler or layer eggs business; for free ranger, especially ayam kampung you need a farm which provides a large backyard. Yeah, you can’t just simply stuff them in a farm which has limited space; these breeds really need to move a lot and find their own food.

Natural Food

Yeah, you can’t give them some cheap funny looking food to them. You must give them natural food like grains or anything your chicken found on the yard. This is why, free-ranger breeds, especially ayam kampung, meat has a very great quality of meat, super tasty, and indeed super expensive compared to broilers’ meat; even their eggs are more expensive compared to other eggs.

Well that is all the similarities between ayam kampung and other free-ranger breeds. Yup, now we know, no wonder these breeds production always profitable, and super expensive; even sometimes their meat’s price could beat out the price of beef meat.

What’s Makes Ayam kampung So Special?

Writer believes ayam kampung is so special and even could best out any other breeds out there. From our last article we have talked about that ayam kampung was just a wild jungle fowl which be tamed later on, and they are originally come from Indonesia and Malaysia which makes them rare to be found anywhere outside Indonesia and Malaysia. Well, let’s go check what makes them so special, check it out!

Triple Role

When other breeds usually have 2 roles which are laying eggs and providing meat; it out! Ayam kampung could also be chosen as a house pet. Yeah, there are lot of people here who has backyard on their house decided to choose ayam kampung as their pet as them make the yard become lively and they can harvest their eggs and meat if they want. Also, ayam kampung could make a very good natural alarm for you; you can wake up more efficiently as when your phone has snooze options but these breeds don’t have any; so, like it or not you can’t continue your sleep and eventually take your lazy self out of the bed. So, if you have a house with large backyard, it is recommended for you to try to have them on it.

Thousand Dollars of Profit

Local farmer around writer’s country here, has proved that this business is super profitable; although the business offers no simplicity. He can make $10.000 dollars each month by selling their meat alone; imagine if he could also produce them into a cuisine like roasted ayam kampung meat and sell them on his own restaurant; then the profit will be multiplied many times. If your place has no farmer or restaurant that sells ayam kampung, we suggest you to try as if you managed to become the first ayam kampung farmer in your place with no rivalry, then business surely will be profitable (with a good management of course).

A Great Choice for Rendang

Do you know about Rendang? A food that originally come from Indonesia? If you don’t know how delicious it is, we recommend you to visit Indonesian Restaurant someday and taste the taste that you never tasted before; surely you will be interested on them again and again. Well, you know, mostly rendang is made by cow beef, but with ayam kampung meat we could also make a delicious rendang. Yeah, only ayam kampung meat that could be suited in rendang.

Produced Less Eggs

Yeah, compared to other layer hens, ayam kampung produced less eggs as ayam kampung only managed to lays 115 eggs per year; other breeds could lay 280 eggs a year. However, although they produced less eggs, their eggs. Although, ayam kampung lays less eggs than others, their eggs quality is indeed incredible as they provide more protein which makes them more expensive. Normal eggs around here could be bought by $1.7 per kilogram while ayam kampung could only be bought around $3 dollars per kilogram. Yup, their quality of eggs beat down their quantity.

8 Months

Yup, it takes 8 months for ayam kampung to be ready to be harvested. Not like broilers who can be harvested in two months. So, it would take a very long time to takes profit from their meat; but still the premium price will pay all of the long time waiting for them to grow; remember, ayam kampung is a premium class of poultry that can bring you fortune.

Well, that is all fellow poultry farmers! We hope you enjoy our article and find something useful on it. Good luck!