8 Challenges When Starting a Poultry Farming

Hello there, fellow poultry farmer! How business going? We hope the business will become profitable always, every day, and more. We all know that indeed poultry farming is profitable; both layer and meat of chicken farm are indeed profitable. As all of you already know, that people love chicken meat and eggs, you can see people bought those two on daily basis, no wonder if you mastered this business you will be made in no time. However, as any other business, there are also difficulties in term of running it, it might sometimes will be a piece of cake especially if you have the fortune for it, but sometimes it would be hard as hell especially if you have zero knowledge for it. Which is why, before you start the business, we recommend that you shall understand about the business first, such as the guidance, profit, how to find customers, and of course the challenges. Knowing the challenges of the business will indeed help you to prepare for any troubles that lies ahead in the way of success, not only that it will help you to provide a preventive act in order to prevent any catastrophe of being happening in your business in the first place. Today, animallova would like to give you the 5 Challenges When Starting a Poultry Farming, please be advised that all of the information will be indeed usable in later use; so, pay attention and read carefully.


As we have discussed before, knowing the challenges will help you understand the business comprehensively. There are two main reasons why you should understand it, which are preventive act and problem-solving method if the business has been hit with something you might be not expected it to come. These points alone indeed will help your business to be in the game and profitable for a long time.

If you are new in the business, of course you need to know everything that might harm your business such as disease attack. Imagine if you never check on it, and one day a plague invades your farm thus destroying it and burn it into the ground hence you have nothing but a great economic loss; what will you do? None of that will happen if you put some preventive act to prevent those unexpected events.

However, sometimes when we have put everything we got, to prevent such unexpected events, the disaster still comes eventually and it is inevitable. So, in order to solve the mess and supress any loss as best as we can, we need to know what to do if such thing ever happened in your business.

Know, you understand the whole points of this article. Know it is the time for you to overlook the challenges and understand it comprehensively; please put your attention and read carefully.

Strict Budget

If you are having a strict budget for example, you might have a trouble to choose what kind of farm or even breed to run the business. Yup, it would be all like a manager of a football club whom is expected to win the title but have a strict budget; it would be superb difficult as hell. If such thing happened before you start the business, we recommend you to build a small farm at first and choose the cheapest breed available.

Zero Knowledge

This will occur to the newcomers, you want the business and you know there’s a great profit lies ahead in the business, but you know nothing about it; how you run something with zero knowledge about it? If you having such problem, animallova has many articles that could help you to understand more about the business.

Plague Invasion

Indeed, a plague invasion is something that you must know about. If you underestimate it, be prepared as your business will go down in no time. However, you can simply put a preventive act in order to prevent it; you can give your flock vitamins and remember to put a sterilization routine each week, this would help your farm to stay hygiene and put a strong resiliency for your flock thus suppressing any possibilities that a plague might invade your farm. Nevertheless, if a plague invades your farm, mostly there’s nothing you can do about it as your flock will worth nothing but jack, so remember to put the plague-preventive act properly in order to put the plague in bay.


Yup customers, we know that every business need customer in order to gain profit, right? Yet, this is the toughest part, especially if you have zero connection in the business. How you can sell the flock if you have no customer? How to find them in the first place? Fortunate for you animallova have many articles that can help you to overcome this problem.

Farm Management

This indeed will be the key point of the business; a proper management will assure your business to stay in the game and profitable for a long time. The management to be done are about feeding system, profit margin, hygiene routine, harvesting, breeds options, etc. This problem will put so many headaches especially for newcomers as if you fail in on aspect of the management, you might jeopardize the entire business thus putting the business at risk and even out of the game. However, if you love to visit animallova you know the answer of this problem lies ahead on animallova, as we provide many articles which discussed about poultry farming.

Well, that is all fellow poultry farmer, the 5 Challenges When Starting a Poultry Farming indeed will help you to prepare the business, keep it in the game and profitable for a long time. Just remember, be advised that prevention is better than treatment, so use all of the knowledge that animallova has provided and remember to use them as an inspiration to begin a preventive act; treating or solving the problem will cost you a lot and even jeopardize the entire business, but preventing it, will save you a lot of money and time. Good luck!