Possible Obstacles You’ll Face in Farming Layer Chickens

Hello there, fellow poultry farmer! How’s business going? We hope your business will always be profitable every day, and more. Lastly, we have been talking about the challenges in poultry farming generally, yup just general challenges; how about the specific one? Poultry farming sometimes is not about harvesting two products such as the meat and the eggs, but sometimes some farmhouse prefer to just farm and harvest one product which is eggs. Yup, there are farmhouse who prefer to just harvest eggs rather than harvesting both of the meat and the eggs. It seems that this farmhouse would require less budget as they don’t need to refresh the flock every month; however, eventually layer farm would need to harvest their layer hens when they are old enough. Well, it seems that we got a lot of problem although we are going to farm and harvest just one product yes? Sometimes it might be easier to farm the meat as we just need to grow them, keep them healthy, and harvest them, but layer farm it is not easy there are so many obstacles lies ahead on the road to success in the business. Which is why today animallova would like to give you the Possible Obstacles You’ll Face in Farming Layer Chickens, please put your attention and read carefully.


Before we are going to tell you, what are the possible obstacles you will face in farming layer chickens, we are going to give you a brief explanation why there are a lot of farmer who farm only the eggs, also please be advised to read this carefully, check it out!


Some big player in the business prefer to farm both of the products and choose specific breeds that could meet their demand. However, if you are new to the business and you are having a strict budget, we suggest you to focus on one production whether you prefer eggs or meat; it’s up to you, but don’t forget to see people’s demand, what products they loved the most? Is it eggs or meat? Choose wisely.

People Loves It

In UK, 6 million of eggs are being bought every day by UK citizen, imagine such a small area and 6 million people love it and buy it every day, you can imagine if you live in a bigger country such as Russia or Indonesia, how many eggs are being bought every day? It could be billions! No wonder, there are a lot of farmers who prefer to stay in layer farm business because of the potential profit.

Mass Production

You know layer hen could be productive for 3 years? And not only that, each year layer hen could lay at least 280 eggs each year? That means a layer hen could produce 840 eggs on her entire lifetime, imagine if you are just a small farmer who only have 5 to 10 eggs, it still could produce 4200 eggs or 8400 eggs in 3 years; a profit lies ahead folks! (depends on the breed) Which is why layer farm business is recommended for newcomer.

The Obstacles

For the moment, let us discussed about the obstacles. There are various obstacles that you will find ahead in the business, by knowing the obstacles you might able to pull some prevention act or take care of the obstacles when it tries to drag your business out of the game. So, please put your attention and read carefully.

Disease Outbreak

Do you guys remember the massive deadly avian flu attack a decade ago? Yeah, that incident was nasty, a lot of farm out of the business as their flock suddenly died from the flu, and even the flu could infect human too which made the problem become more complicated than ever. Now, imagine if such outbreak invades your farm and try to drag your business out of the game, what will you do? Well mostly there is nothing you can do about it as anything in your farm will be worth nothing but jack. This problem would require a preventive solution which would be strengthening your farm security and hygiene by routine sterilization each week and by giving a proper vitamin for your flock in order to create immunity against disease.

Poultry Welfare Issues

If you are living in a developed country such as USA and UK, you could find this obstacle troublesome for you as it would put a leak in your budget; if you have a strict budget how could you build a standard farm that meets the demand of poultry welfare? If such situation is happening before you start the business, we recommend you to wait and save some money until you can build a standard farm; you don’t want to mess with the authority, right?

Feeding Cost

Once writer failed in this obstacle, back then writer bought 4 chicken and must grow them in one month, writer bought them around 2 dollars and writer could sell them later for 5 dollars each which means it would be at least writer would have a profit around 18 dollars, right? You know what writer failed to gain any profit from this as writer spend at least 20 dollars for their sole food; no profit was gained. Writer failed because writer didn’t manage the food well enough, writer should have known that hybrid breed should be simply filled their feeding bowl and refill them once a day; writer fill the bowl back then for 3 times a day, no wonder writer got so racked up in the business. Please, don’t repeat the mistakes writer did as fortunate for writer it was just a simple experiment, if you fail in the business because of feeding cost, you might now able to put your business to gain profit and to keep the business in the game.

Well that is all fellow poultry farmer, the obstacles indeed could be prevented and we suggest you to put more preventive act as prevention is better than treatment. Good luck!