Unique Facts about Ayam Kampung

Hello there, fellow poultry farmer! How’s business doing? We hope the business will always be profitable, every day, more, and long lasting. Well, we have talked so many things about poultry or chicken business; we have talked about how started it especially for you beginner, how to choose which chicken breed that will suit to your needs, how to prevent disease to invade your farm, even we talk about healing bruises on chicken legs. However, today animallova would like to introduce to a local chicken breed from writer’s area which called Ayam Kampung (Red Jungle Fowl). Have you heard about them? Surely, they are a great choice to breed, especially they have this wonderful taste even more delicious compared to average broilers. They have these, at least unique facts about them; which is why today animallova would like to give you the Unique Facts about Ayam Kampung. Check it out!


This breed might be rare to found daily if you live in Western part of the world; as this breed are only common in Southeast Asia; specifically, Indonesia and Malaysia. However, if you found anyone who sell this breed meat, you need to try it, and taste it delicious different taste compared to average broilers’ meat.

Also, this breed originally come from uncontrollable breeding among Red Jungle Fowl in Indonesia back in the days. Nowadays, especially around Indonesia and Malaysia, people keep this breed for pet purpose or just simply dual purpose; selling their meat along with their eggs (Telur Ayam Negri)

Why Ayam Kampung?

You guys might be wandering, why ayam kampung? What’s so special about them? Well, to tell you the truth, there are many aspects that we can conclude them as special; however, there are only two key points that we can answer the question “Why ayam kampung?”  which are:

  • Special Taste

We have told you many times, that ayam kampung has special unique taste compared to average broilers; we assure you their taste is more delicious compared to broilers. No wonder, they meat, even eggs are more expensive than broilers

  • Triple Fucntion

Yup, triple fucction as you can choose them to become the foundation of your farm, or if you love to have natural alarm that will consistently wake you up every time the sun rises, having ayam kampung would be handy to fulfil your intention.

The Unique Facts

Well, welcome to the unique facts that these facts not only act as a method to know ayam kampung better, but also act as a method of entertainment as you will find some hilarious facts of ayam kampung; curious? Check It out!

Eating Pebbles

Yeah, this breed loves eating pebbles; every time you set them loose to find their own food, you can see most of them eating some pebbles. You might wonder, do we can feed them with pebbles? Well, of course not, if we give them pebbles there will be zero nutrition to give them. Pebbles here are only serve as a method for them to help them digest their food; so, they eat edible food along with proper amount of pebbles. (Lucky for us, human just simply needs to eat some fruit to keep the digestive system healthy)

Interesting Profit

Although the price for ayam kampung is considered expensive, especially in a developing country such as Indonesia and Malaysia, ayam kampung’s demand has been increasing each year as the world bank has stated about it. Yeah, writer could see these data are true as there are many new ayam kampung cuisine merchants are opening their booth everywhere. If your place has zero ayam kampung farmer yet, it is a great opportunity for you to take the profit; it would be like a fish in a barrel.

High Protein

Obviously, the expensive price tag is meant something. When broilers could be priced around 3 to 4 dollars, ayam kampung will be priced around 6 to 9 dollars. This price tag indeed worthy enough as ayam kampung has better protein than broilers. Also, as ayam kampung is a pure breed with no genetical modification like broilers, ayam kampung is free of potentially dangerous agent, especially for you who want to eat chicken meat but want to eat the meat who has less fat.

Premium Quality

Yeah, this one is indeed premium business as we have stated many facts that lead into this conclusion. This business is not like broilers when mid low-level people usually buy it, this one is for the premium class. When people buy things in the mid low-level quality, they would expect a discount; a kindness of your heart to lesser the price. However, when you sell ayam kampung whether its meat or eggs, people would simply buy it and ask “do you have new stocks?” They will directly buy them without asking for discount or complaining about the price; yeah, an expensive or cheap broilers meat would be suspicious, but people would already known that ayam kampung is expensive and it would be suspicious if it has a cheap price.


We recommend you to have a large budget for this one as for your information you can simply give cheap food to this breed; you must buy them natural food such as grains. If you buy them cheap food, it would affect their meat and eggs quality. Also, they need a large backyard, so a simple broiler farm is not going to keep you in ayam kampung business for long.

Also, remember every business is a risk, especially the premium one. There are always threat waiting ahead to destroy your business into the ground. You might prevent them, underestimate them, but when they come mostly you will never see them coming, and poof inevitable event such as avian flu infection has burned your business to the ground. So, please remember to prepare your mental condition and don’t forget to pay some insurance in order to reduce the risk to minimum. Good luck!