How to Take Care of Your Pregnant Hamster at Home

If you already sure that your hamster is pregnant by seeing the symptoms or taking the hamster to the vet, then this is the right article for you. Because we will discuss about the next step you have to do after you confirm that your hamster is pregnant. In here we will be talking about how to take care of your pregnant hamster at home. I hope this article will help you. Epecially those who new to this topic and had a hamster that is pregnant for the first time. Because it can tough if it’s your first time to taking care of pregnant hamster. Well, don’t worry I will try to help and guide you on how you should do it.

Before we start I need to tell you something very important. This is the one thing you should know about how to take care of your pregnant hamster at home. That is you have to make sure you have as minimum contact as possible with your hamster. Don’t do any contact that isn’t necessary with them. Pregnant hamster will be very sensitive and prefer to be left alone. Let your hamster by herself. Let her doing all the activities herself without any interruption from others including you. You also can’t hold her as it is better to not pick her up while pregnant. Because she going to be very sensitive of your touch/presence.

1. Cage

Now we are going to discuss all about the cage. If you keep two or more hamsters in one cage, as soon as you know one of them is pregnant, you should separate her from other. She has to be in the cage alone. Otherwise she will attack others, especially if it’s male or if it’s the father of the babies. It’s not impossible she even could kill the other. That’s why you have to prepare personal cage for the hamster who is pregnant. If you only had one cage I suggest you to buy another for the pregnant hamster or for the other hamster. Because if you insist to keep them in the same cage there is a big chance the pregnant hamster will even going as far as killing the other hamster. Of course, we wouldn’t that to happen, so it’s better for you to have another cage.

If you already separate your pregnant hamster with other hamster now it’s time to preparing the cage to be more comfortable for her while the pregnancy also when she giving birth. In this personal space/cage you have to prepare fresh water and food at her disposal. You have to keep it fresh every single day.

While your pregnant hamster will build the nest inside the cage with any materials that available to her, you have to try to provide the good materials for her to built the nest. These materials could be twigs, small wood, toilet paper, damp tissue or straw etc. And please remember to not put anything that can be toxic for your hamster. One of the example of these materials is paper that has ink on it or any other materials that could endanger your hamster and her babies. If you already prepare everything just carefully put these materials inside the cage and let your hamster using it to build her nest herself.

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2. Cleaning

The next things are, as I already mention above, you have to not interfere them in any way. Don’t even clean their cage. It will be better If you’re not cleaning the cage at all until the babies are born. Well, actually specially when the babies are born. Because it will interrupt the scent the babies have which will make the mother didn’t recognize them and could possibly kill them.

However, if you do want to clean the cage or if you feel that is very necessary then I suggest you to do this as soon as you know your hamster is pregnant. It would be better if the pregnancy is still in the early stage and she isn’t built the nest yet.

But you have to be extra careful. As I said the pregnant hamster doesn’t like to be disturb, so do this cleaning as quiet as possible. Try to not disturb the pregnant hamster in any way. In order to do that you have to take an observation on the hamster so you can know when is the right time for you to clean the cage. When that right time is there, try to clean the cage as fast as possible so your hamster can have her space again. While you clean the cage you also have to make sure the place where you put the hamster for the time being is comfortable enough.

This cleaning probably important for some owner. Because you will certainly won’t have any other opportunity to clean the cage until at least 10 days after the babies are born. The cleaning could also being important when the cage is already too dirty. Because pregnant hamster need a comfortable environment which could also mean a clean cage.

3. Food

You also need to make sure about the food and water for the pregnant hamster. This is a very crucial matter because when your hamster is pregnant she needs all the nutrition she can get, for the babies and herself. Make sure you give her a high-energy intake diet. This diet will help to prepare your hamster to a good development of her babies. It also can help her body to be ready for breast feeding.

Your pregnant hamster should be given food with extra vitamins and protein. Some of the option of the food you can give them are cooked/boiled egg, cereals, bread soaked in milk, nuts (almonds, chestnut, etc.), boiled chicken/turkey, or small insect which you can find in pet store. Other than those food I also recommend vegetables and fruits to strengthen the immune system of your pregnant hamster. These vegetables and fruits can provide her with a large amount of fibers, vitamins and minerals.

However, you have to be very careful. If before the pregnancy your hamster already used to eat certain kind of food, don’t try to change it to the healthier one in an instant. Give her time to adapt to the new food. You have to had patience to do this. Because you need to pay a lot of attention to your hamster until she used to the healthier food. But remember this is for your cute little hamster and her babies.

Those are some clues you can practice on how to take care of your pregnant hamster at home. When your hamster is pregnant you have to put a little more attention to her while not interfere her space. You really need to be very careful while taking care of her. You’re not only have to be careful of her behavior but also her food. You really need to watch and careful of both of it when your hamster is pregnant. You also cannot forget to make sure the environment for your pregnant hamster is safe and comfortable.

I also want to mention one more thing. If there is any sign that just seems odd about your pregnant hamster, don’t hesitate to take your hamster to the vet. Because the professional can take the right action to taken care of the problem your pregnant hamster may have.