Before Your Pigeons Ready To Rock, Here Is How To Train Them

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First of all, we will ask you one question. When you are thinking about birds, what is the first bird that comes in your mind? Maybe colourful birds like peacock or birds of paradise, maybe strong and cool looking birds of prey like eagle and vulture or singing birds that have famously beautiful voice like parrot, cockatoo or magpie. Maybe not many people will think of pigeon as unique or even birds that are considered as good pets. Even many people hated pigeons. People hate pigeons because lot of things like they are too many of pigeons in the city, pigeons poop anywhere so you can sometimes being pooped by pigeons on the head, and pigeons are also quite annoying for some people. Even though some people getting annoyed by pigeons and even some people also called pigeon as “The rat with wing” pigeons still have its own value and uniqueness. You don’t believe it? Let us show you some pigeons uniqueness shall we.

Even though pigeons aren’t beautiful birds, or cool looking, they actually have pretty cool features too. Pigeons are smart fliers and have acute sense of surroundings. Pigeons can navigate pretty well, so they can never get lost. If pigeons want to go back home, they could just smell their home odour, navigate by contemplating with geo magnetic wave and astronomical position and therefore they could navigate their way to home safely. Pigeons are great fliers and navigators and they could even be trained to fly in certain path, and become a courier and even there are some pigeons racing tournament too. Pigeon’s postal service have always been one way to communicate since ancient times. If you want to train your pigeons to be your fliers even for racing purpose, then there are steps you need to do it. Before Your Pigeons Ready To Rock, Here Is How To Train Them.

How to train your pigeons to be your fliers or for your racing purpose

Pigeons racing have been quite competitive in many places of the world. There are many pigeons racing club and competition, and if you are interested, then you might want to hear out on how to raise your racing pigeons. Here are how to information on how to raise homing pigeons for racing purpose.

  • Raising your homing pigeon

The first step on how to train your racing pigeon is of course by raising your pigeon. You can always buy adult trained racing pigeons for higher price, or you can try to raise pigeons from chick for cheaper price. If you decide to raise pigeons from chick, you will need lot of patience and money. You need to provide your pigeons with comfortable cage, enough foods and other pigeons so your pigeon won’t be lonely.

  • Start your training session

When your pigeons reach at least 6 weeks old, it is time for you to start your training. You can’t start training when your pigeons are still chick, and of course you can’t start training when they are still can’t fly. Start slowly, and one of the training methods you should use is by training your pigeons to come home by themselves. You can also use female pigeons to motivate your male pigeons training, as male pigeons will mostly fly to their females as soon as they see their mate.

  • Make sure your pigeons are comfortable with their loft so they won’t run away

When your pigeons are comfortable with their loft, plenty of foods to eat, and have their mate, pigeons won’t try to run away. During your flying training, your pigeons might lost and therefore you need to be careful of birds loss. To prevent bird loss, try to give your pigeons a comfortable loft for them to come home and plenty of foods.

  • Train your pigeons to find their way home by themselves

If you want to make your pigeon fast fliers, and can manage to hold themselves in competition, then what you need to do is to train them by making sure they could find their way home by themselves. You can use female pigeon as motivation for your male pigeons to train, and use them to make your male pigeon easily recognize its home. Start by training them in close proximity of their home, then try to gradually adjust the range and distance between the pigeons and home.

  • Join pigeon racing club

The best way to know tips and tricks on how you should train your racing pigeon is by joining pigeon racing club. Fellows pigeons breeder, or pigeons racing enthusiast can give you some tricks on how you should treat your pigeons or how to raise your pigeons so your pigeons could fly as fast as eagle could fly. That’s it on our tips of Before Your Pigeons Ready To Rock, Here Is How To Train Them.