Ever Wondering Why Pigeons Fly In Circles? Here is The Answers

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All right, so as for today, what we are going to discuss is about a certain birds. When we are talking about birds, many people will think of majestic birds like paradise birds, peacock, or cool birds of prey like eagle, or some people will also think about song birds that could sing beautifully like parrots. Not many people will think of pigeons as neither smart nor beautiful birds, in fact many people are getting annoyed by pigeons. They poop anywhere and anytime, they are small irritating birds, and drop dirty poop on your head or your car. Many people even hate pigeons and consider them as rats with wing in city. This is true that pigeons could be irritating and annoying birds to deal with; however pigeons actually have their own unique traits and their features too. They are not merely just rat with wings or annoying poop shower of the city. Pigeons also have their own uniqueness and something to behold, that’s why many bird experts and scientist even doing pigeon watching, an activity to observe any pigeons habit to find its unique traits and characteristics.

Have you ever wondered why pigeons always swarming in city? Ever Wondering Why Pigeons Fly in Circles? Here is The Answers on all of your questions about pigeons. Hope we can clear out some of your misunderstandings about pigeons so you won’t hate them much more.

Why pigeons swarming in the city and why they sometimes fly in circles?

First of all, let us show you some general information about pigeons or some people also called it doves. Pigeons or doves comes from the same family of birds called Columbidae. They are generally small birds with round body, stout and short necks, stubby feet, small head and beak. Their colour varies between white, grey, brownish or black depending on pigeons species and variety. They are gentle omnivore animals that will mostly eat seeds, plants and insect. Their diets consist of veggies, fruits, small insect like crickets, and they will mostly look out for their favourite meals like cracked corn, rye, barley, wheat and many other seeds they could find.

Have you ever wondering why there are so many pigeons and why they always swarming in city? Do you know the reason behind it? First of all, you should know that pigeons have very good adaptability, which means they could adapt and survive in many environments at ease. They could learn their surroundings and then adapted with it greatly. In decades, pigeons have adapted to survive, and they have learned that in order for them to survive, the best chance is to stick closer to human settlement. This is why we could see pigeons commonly in cities and other human settlement. They have learned that being close to human means that there will be not much predators, and they also never have food shortage too.

As you stroll through cities, walking through park, or jogging in countryside. Have you ever seen flocks of pigeons that fly in circles? These pigeons seem keeping flying in circles, sometimes big circles sometime smaller. This seems strange for many people, like why they should fly in circles? Is the sky not big enough for them to roam and fly? Sometimes you also see flocks of pigeon land on one same roof, and then they flew and fly in circle. Once in skies, you can observe that pigeons will have somewhat distinct flight pattern and this is what makes it intriguing. If you want to know the answer about it, find out why pigeons fly in circles directly bellows.

What many people didn’t know is, that pigeons have strong and acute sense. They could smell odour that human nose couldn’t smell, and they could follow their nest odour and find their way home. To compare it, human smelling range is roughly very small and depending on the intensity of the odour, however pigeons could smell their own nest odour from a very far away, and then they follow it to go home. Pigeons could also smell geo magnetic field, sense an astronomical position and longitude of their position and these features make them excellent navigators. Flock of pigeons that fly in circle have their own purpose. This is because when they fly in circle, is it easier to navigate, and makes them easier to find their way home. Flocks of pigeons also will make birds of prey or other predators will think twice when they gather with lot of pigeon. So the next time you have Ever Wondering Why Pigeons Fly in Circles? Here is The Answers you are looking for.