2 Benefit of Giving Eye Drops to Cat

Eyes are the complex body part and the most important part of all life creatures. Without eyes, someone can’t see anything and can’t enjoy the other God’s creatures. Same as people eyes also important thing for cat to look around it. When the eye of cat attacked by diseases, we must be careful when heal it. That because eyes are complex and sensitive thing in all creatures. Basically there are many diseases which attacked the cat. It is attacked all of body part of cat, from head to tail.

There are many factors that caused the disease like virus and bacteria. One of all the diseases is eye disease. The symptom of a disease also different between one caused and other for example the diseases which caused by bacteria can make the cat’s eyes watery and inflammation. As we know basically the benefit of giving eye drops to cat is to avoiding the cat from eye diseases and also as a supplement to its eyes. In this chance, we will explain to you other 2 benefit of giving eye drops to cat.

1. As healing method

The main benefit of eye drops for cat obviously as medicine to cure the eye disease on cat. There are many cat eye diseases which is needed to cure as soon as possible like watery eye caused by bacteria, allergy, or virus. The eye diseases also caused by injury. The injury is probably happened especially to cat which is so active and likes to go outside home. For bacteria and allergy’s case, eye drop helps to clean up the eye from something which triggered the disease. It also gives cooling effect especially to inflammation symptom which generally appeared as effect by allergy. The bacteria or dust which is placed so long in the end of eye’s cat can transform into black crust. This black crust covering the eye and makes itchy feeling for the cat. Cat will try to scratch it and when it scratched, the sharp nails of cat can hurt its eyes.

The wound caused by scratch will get worst when it isn’t heals as soon as possible. You can give the eye drops for your cat to heal the inflammation and wound. Keep in your mind to don’t give human eye drops liquid to your cat. That’s because the ingredients which contained in human eye drops liquid is not formulated to the cat. There is one case when the owner gives the human eye drops to his cat. The cat became more infection and getting worst. Maybe he things that the structure body of mammal are all same and try to give human medicine to animals which is totally wrong. The impact over animal and human is also totally different and moreover it is danger to animal to consume person’s medicine. Here are the ways to give eye drops to your cat:

  • Firstly, take away your infection cat into other cage. This step to avoiding the transmission of the diseases to infect other cat. The eye diseases can transmitted easily because when the cat contact each other, the face especially nose and eye is really near. When two cat interaction each other, the transmission of diseases will increase because the gap between them is really near. As prevent step, you better take it away into other cage.
  • Secondly, you can start to apply the eye drop to your cat. Keep remind that you must clean your hands firstly and if you needed use the gloves and mask to protect you from bacteria or virus transmission. When you start to drop the liquid, hang your cat with hug it in its body and feet. You can hang your cat strongly when your cat is started to fight you. But don’t forget to treat it well and softly to avoid it from stress feels. You can start hang it with sit down in sofa or chair. Hang your cat with your hand. You better hang it by using your non-dominant hand. For example if you using right hand, use your left hand to hang your cat. It is purposed to make you easy when you drop the liquid to your cat’s eye. You can pack your cat using a towel to avoiding it to claw you. Pack your cat all of its body until leaving head. After that, point the cat’s face to top and drop the liquid. Open up the eye of cat straight into the top using by your finger. Pull the corner of eye cat to make it open and drop the liquid quickly. You need to do it quickly when you feel your cat is under your control and the cat is opened perfectly to make the liquid dropped appropriate on its eyes.
  • Thirdly, after you give the liquid eye drop to your cat, calm your cat softly when you wait the eye drop works perfectly. Cat usually try to swipe its eyes after something get inside to its eyes. You must stay to hang your cat to don’t erase the liquid. To move its attention, you can give it some dry food to your cat to make it calm. Some cats need to gives eye drops a view times a day, so it is important to you to share it clearly during the time to eye drops giving.

2. As a supplement

There are so many shape of supplement which sale in trade like injection, tablets, and etc. As other alternative, eye drops for cat also used as supplement to keep your eye’s cat healthy. The supplement is some medicine which purposed to preventive action to avoiding the cat from some diseases. The eye drops contained some chemistry which gave good impact to cat eyes healthy. Cat which is good condition will increase both of height and weight, active, and energetic. You are not waiting for your cat is sick to use it. You can give the eye drop for your cat regularly as suit as necessary. For you information, supplement for eye cat is not always made from chemistry or chemical things. Nowadays, some people started to use herbal methods to keep their healthy. The medical of herbal claims for cheaper cost and easy to find with small impact to the body during as heals process.

People are usually using betel leaf to make self-supplement to cat. Some vaccine also known as eyes drop liquid. Giving the eye drops as vaccine and medicine is totally different. You can drops the medicine liquid during the disease is appeared. Stop the giving when the symptom is not appeared anymore. But when you give the eye drops to your cat as vaccine, you can give it once or twice a year or as your vet instruction. You need to consultation it with your vet firstly before give a vaccine to your cat. That’s because the vet needed to look the condition over the cat to find the appropriate vaccine as suit as your cat.