6 Benefit of Giving Vitamin E to Your Cat

Vitamin is one of nutrition which has good benefit to our body. This nutrition got by outside source especially from our food. There are many kinds of vitamin which is good for us like vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, and vitamin E. Not only for human, did you know that our cat is needed it too? Is there similarity about the benefit for human and cat? Here will explaining to you 6 benefit of giving vitamin E to your cat.

1. As antioxidant

In human vitamin E works as antioxidant, so does cat. Vitamin E that you give to them is also used as antioxidant. Antioxidant is compound that can protect you from free radical inside to your body. Antioxidant is also increase your immune system so you don’t attacked by any diseases easily. Antioxidant will increase you cat immune system which automatically increase its healthy. You can get vitamin E to them by some special multivitamin for cat. Besides, some food-made is also contained vitamin E and other. Give your cat supplement multivitamin will be better than give the food basic multivitamin for them. Even the purpose is to fulfill their nutrition, change the food also make you to train them again. It became useless when you apply wrong strategy during introducing the food. So give supplement is more effective than other way.

2. Keep their healthy skin

Your cat may have trouble in their skin and fur. Some troubles in their skin caused by virus, maggot, scabies, fungal, allergy, maggot, and etc. For maggot, a case shows that little infection wound also trigger maggots to come in. When your cat eye is itchy and it tries to scratch it strongly, open wound getting start to showed. This open wound will getting wet and trigger them to come in. Wet spot is the keyword for maggots exists. One of benefit of giving your cat vitamin E is helps you to increase their healthy skin and avoid some problems skin happened.

3. Benefit during the pregnancy

Vitamin E has good benefit for your pregnant cat. It claims that vitamin E will give your cat power during pregnant and giving birth. That makes that some factory food especially for pregnant cat will contained vitamin E. It is good for both mom and their kitten. So it is important for you to give more vitamin E to your pregnant cat.

4. Balancing the hormone

Benefit of vitamin E for cat which is same as for human is to helps to balancing the hormone inside body. This balancing hormone will avoid you from any troubles health like infection and etc.

5. Hair fall control

Some racial cat like Persian cat and Scottish hair is the most cat hair fall. To repair it you can give them more vitamin E. Vitamin E will works as hair fall controller and make their hair stronger. It will be danger if your hair cat fallen anywhere. Fallen hair cat also chanced to transmit some diseases like allergy or bacteria.

6. Their healthy eye

Who you that don’t want to has beautiful cat? As we know the power of cat cuteness got by their eye. Is it possible to catch the cuteness in cat if their eye is not healthy? Well cat eye healthy is also part of our attention when we treat the cat. Cat is often attacked by eye discharge. Here some steps you should do when found eye discharge to your cat:

  • Take away your cat in different cage

To avoid the transmission of eye discharge, take away your problem-eye-cat into different cage. Eye discharge is easily transmitted in other cat, so prevent it is better than let it spread.

  • Install the Elizabethan Collar to your cat

This tool is usable to avoid the cat scratch its face area during heal process. If you don’t installed, your cat will scratch its eye to remove the natural liquid or medicine which is had been already giving to them. This tool also usable to avoid the eye discharge is getting worst.

Observe the symptom

Not every naturally method or first aid is suitable with your cat eye discharge. You better observe it first and after that choose the right method to give to your cat. It should be try and error but don’t mind it. It doesn’t matter if your wrong in choose the natural ingredient. You can stop it as soon as possible if you think the symptom is not getting well.

  • Be patient

During treat the sick pet, you need to be more patient and keep your eye to them. Pay attention to all smallest symptom which is appear in your cat during naturally healing time. If you needed, consul it with your trusted vet to avoiding the failure of natural method chooses.

  • Call your vet if all methods doesn’t work

Don’t need to worry to call the vet to heal your cat. Basically, vet has skill to diagnosis the type of your eyes discharge cat and how to fix it. All natural ingredients or even medicine had both positive and negative impact to your cat. Not every natural ingredient or medicine works to your cat-problem moreover eye discharge. Remember to call your vet if no one method is work. The safety of your cat is the highest point.

Give vitamin E to your cat helps you to keep their healthy eye during healing process. Nowadays, there are many kinds of eye drops which also contained vitamin E. So it is easy for you to look any vitamin E source in the pet shop.

Here are correctly step to apply eye drops to your cat:

  • Hang the cat

Hang the cat above your thigh. Your skill to hang your cat is really contributes in this step. When your cat lay down softly in your thigh, place your one hand over its body to hang its move. You can be sitting down in anywhere like sofa, chair, bed, table, and etc. Your better use your non-dominant hand to hang the cat.

  • Placed the cat above the table or higher surface

Maybe the higher place helps you to give eye drops. If the surface is slippery, use the towel as a based to avoid your cat slipped.

  • Setting the position of cat head

You need to hang your cat using your non-dominant hand. Place your thumb in jawline of your cat and your finger in the other side.

  • Clean up its eye

To make the liquid works perfectly, the cat eyes should be clean from left substance. If you needed, clean up the eye cat using by give it a little cleanser liquid.

  • Open the eye cat

Use your non-dominant thumb to pull the petal. After it opened, it will appear a small pocket which is can to drop the liquid.

  • Set the end of liquid bottle above your cat eyes

Hold the end of bottle around 2 centimeters above your cat eyes. The end of liquid bottle can’t be touched with eye cat.

  • Give the eye drop

Press the bottle as quick as you can into the cat eye.

  • The dose

The dose that you give to your cat is also has to be considering. You can’t give same dose between for your cat and your kitten. Also, over nutrition is not well for your cat. There are many cases which prove that unbalancing nutrition will trigger problems to your cat. For example over vitamin A will make your cat hurts in their bone. Opposite with that, over vitamin D will make your cat bone over strong and calcification. So the key of this nutrition given is ‘the balancing’. Even in this chance we give to you the benefit of vitamin E to your cat, it doesn’t mean other vitamin isn’t matter. It is of course needed by your cat but it is about how you to manage it become balance. If your cat is diagnosed by any disease and your vet suggest you to give more some vitamin, you better focus in that thing.