Best Effective Ways To Tame A Feral Stray Dog

Hello fellow dog lovers! How are you and your dog doing? We hope that you guys will be always healthy every day and more. Be grateful as God has created non-human companion that you can rely on, you can rely them to guard your house, to cheer up your day, to play with you, and to make sure you are not lonely in this world. So, be grateful and if you have a dog, treat them with care like your own children. Don’t yell at them and don’t ever hit them ever or you will regret it someday.

However, this time animallova would like to give you a new method on loving a dog. When you get used to buy a dog from a pet store, how about you try to tame a feral dog?. Yup a stray feral dog that usually wandering around the neighborhood with no owner. Just exactly like homeless child looking for her parents. She will whine, get abused by others, even become aggressive towards others, even you.

But don’t worry, it would be satisfying in the end, we assure you of it. Imagine bringing your own stray feral dog and turning them into cute lovely adorable dog. Imagine the bond that will happen between you; it would be strong, memorable, and unbreakable. So, it is indeed worthy of try is it not?.

The technique of taming a feral stray dog will have one point only, which  is to make sure that the dog realize they can rely on us, human. We must convince the dog that we are here not to hurt them, but to love and take care of them. Overall it would not be easy, as it requires patient, passion, and vigilance. In the earliest stage of taming, the dog will indeed reluctant to see your honorable goal, and even might become aggressive towards you. So remember, before doing all of this, be sure that you have the patent, passion, and vigilance to make sure that this operation will end smoothly and fullfil your expectations. So check it out!.

The Effective Ways

First thing you must do is to introduce yourself to the dog. You must introduce yourself as a savior that will save the dog, and you must convince the dog that you are here to save them. Don’t try to approach them directly as they might flee away or even bite you in the arm. Just simply keep your distance and try to convince them with a food. Yeah, a great way to introduce yourself to a feral stray dog is by giving them a food.

Well, giving them one time food is not enought to convince them, so make sure you give it regularly at least one time at a day. So, she will remember that out of nowhere there is someone who feed her, she will remember that this someone is like her mother as we know the first person that feed her is her own mom. After that, make sure that she is comfortable to eat while you are on her sight; with this she will begin to accept you as her savior, indeed this is a great progress is it not?.

Then, just simply keep feeding them regularly, but this time you will try a direct approach. While you have been using a bowl to give her food, but this time you will try a hand-feeding approach. Yup, this time she is gonna eat directly from your palm. Don’t worry if she refuses at first, it is normal; just don’t give up trying to hand-feeding her, give it couple of days until she’s comfortable to eat directly from your palm. Then, you must do this regularly, so good bye food on bowl, as the time of hand-feeding is here, interesting is it not?.

After that, you might try to pet her. Yup, after she’s totally comfortable to eating straightly from your palm, then it is the time for you to pet her. Don’t try to pet her on her head yet, try to pet her from her side body. If she’s okay with it then try slowly pet her head. If she’s okay with it, then it is time for you to repeat the progress until she shows a happy emotion while she is seeing you on sight.

Finally, it is the time for you to bring her home. The first step of doing this is bring a warm towel and wear it on the dog. Then, try to grab her into your car and bring her home. If she’s reluctant, then try to bait her by offering a hand-feeding. After you arrived at your home, then it is the time for you to show the dog her new house. The first thing you must show her is her bed, don’t forge to put a potty on the corner and introduce it to her. Then, try to play with her by petting her; don’t expect a new tamed dog to play catch with you. Repeat this, until she acknowledge your home is also her home. However, don’t try to take her to bath yet, as she will get shocked and might become aggresive towards you.

However, we must give you some notes on home-management to new tamed dog which are :

  • Hand-feeding only, to help her to acknowledge you and huma more and more each day.
  • If previously you have a dog before the tamed dog, then you must isolate them, if not you will have a serios dog fight at your home.
  • Don’t stare or make sudden movement at her, as she will considers it as a threat. Try to use a zig-zag comforting movement while approaching her.
  • Train her everyday, train her to approach a new people, train her to play with a toys, and walk her out when she’s ready enough.

In the end, she will turns into adorable cute dog that will indeed grateful to have you. She will acknowledge you not only as a friend but also as a saviour, and that is why you guys will have a special bonds later on, we guarantee it. Just remember, all of the effort require patient and patient, so good luck!.

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