4 Simple Ways to Do When Your Dog won’t Poo

Hello there fellow dog lovers!. How are you and your dog doing? Well, we always wish you and your dog to be happy and healthy always, everyday, and more. Indeed we are so grateful to the God who’s made this incredible animal to be our long-life loyal companion. Dog, when you already have one in your life, you will understand why dog is the best long-life loyal companion, even some peole regards dog to be more loyal than some particular people. Dog has her own loyality to her owner. Sometimes, it is hard to bribe a dog than to bribe a human; especially a dog that you have been raised since she was a puppy.

A dog that you have been raised on your own, surely has more personal feeling for you. They will be loyal, will be happy to see you at home, they will sad to see you leave, and she will ask to play with you all the time. Sometimes, they are too happy to be with you even they hold their own pooping time because it will disturb her quality times with you. No wonder, if your dog has a constipation. Yes a constipation, a situation where your dog could not poop smoothly, it would be like hell when your dog pooping. Sometimes she decided not to poo because it would be hurt as hell.

Constipation on dogs is not an unimportant matter that you could ignoer. Most of dogs has this psychological and medical factors that holding them from pooping; playing with you is one of them. We all know pooping is important for every humans and animals right?. If we can’t poop, we are keeping the junk her in our stomach, and if we did then be prepare for upcoming trouble as the junk might “explode” into something more troublesome than before.

Which is why it is indeed important for any of dog lovers to stay vigilant and look out to their dogs. Your dogs probably already has a constipation, but you are not aware of it, because you were rarely noticed about it. Owners sometimes are too busy to check their own dog potty, they just know if the potty started to smell then it is the time to clean up which makes it rare for them to check out the potty regularly everyday; at least we need to check whether if our dog has pooped regularly.

However, to really make sure that your dog really has constipation; you must check them pooping. Yes, knowing them poop rarely is not enough, you need to caught them pooping. Then, you need to see does your dog straining, whimpering, or having a tough time pooping?. Then look into the poo, are there any non-poo material that also came out like grass, string, hair ball?. If all of thats occurting to your dog, then it is indeed that your dog has a constipation.

The Ways

Treating a dog who has constipation could be a piece of cake and could be tricky. It will be tricky if you don’t have the heart to heal your poor dog, but it will be a piece of cake if you are truly love your dog and want her to getting her out of her misery. So, let’s get started as animallova would give you 4 Simple Ways to Do When Your Dog won’t Poo or in other words, constipation. So check it out!.

Does Your Dog Want to Use the Potty?

Before you start treating your dog to begin poo smoothly again, you must check whether your dog is comfortable with her potty or not. You know, dogs are a smart animal, they have amazing ways to express theirself. Sometimes, they won’t poo because they hate their potty; well it could be the potty or the spot where you placed the potty. So, what you can do here is to replace the potty and see if that’s working. If not, then you must try to move the potty to another spot; make sure that the spot is quiet enough so your dog could poop peacefully. Yup just like us, dog won’t poo in such discomforting spot.. If still not working, then it is indeed your dog has a medical problem that needs intensive treatment.

Tummy Rub

You know, not like cats, dog really love if you rub their tummy, and this could be used as a method to help them to be free from constipation. A gentle tummy rub shall help the poo to move around to the final pipe faster and smoothly. With this method, not only your dog will be free from constipation but also will love it like a children with an ice cream.

Use a Command

Well if your dog having a trouble to poop because she was playing with you, then you must use a command. Yeah dog is so smart they could understand what we said (well not everything but pooping is one of them). So, try to train your dog to go poop on command. You could use “Go poop” or anything that you prefer. With this, that will poop freely as she feels that you have given her the pass to poo without disturbing her quality time.

Natural Treatment

 If your dog still suffered from constipation beside your treatment before, then it is the time for you to look into natural treatment. The natural treatment will be easy and the point of this treatment is to give more “oil” for the dog’s digestive system. To add the “oil” you just need to prepare foods that contain high amount of fiber such as oats, brown rice, and vegetables. Then mashed those fiber into their favorite food and let them eat. For your information, fibe is a great agent to help your dog to be free from constipation.

Also, you must assure that your dog has enough drink. As water would be a great support for fiber to kill out those constipation out of your dog’s anal pipe.

Well that is all fellow dog lovers!. Now, you could help your adorable dog to poop smothly again!. However, remember prevention is better than treatment. So, good luck!.

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