Best Home Remedies for Dog’s Ear Infection


Hello there, fellow dog lovers! How are you and your dog doing? We hope you guys will always be healthy and happy everyday and more. Dog is indeed a graceful and loyal creature that serve as a hunter back in the past (and some of them still act as a hunter) and serve as a pet that is indeed way more loyal compared to cat, especially if you raised your dog since she was a puppy. With all of those grace, dog is indeed a perfect animal companion that is indeed will able to cheer up your gloomy day or when you get bored with people you could always rely playing with your dog. Let us be grateful that God has made such adorable creature for us.

However, you must remember that dog is just an animal. Animal and human have something in common, which is they could fall ill; fall into the pit of sickness and will unable to do much everything. The sickness will affect them and will also affect their loved ones. For dog sickness is common thing, especially if you rarely take your dog to a vet and give her the proper nutrition, which is why you must able to know what to prevent the sickness in the first place and how to treat it when the disease come to invade your dog’s health.

Dog has their own immunity of course, but sometimes that immunity is not strong enough and the disease will finally able to invade the entire body. However, you must note that sometimes disease prefer to invade one spot of your dog’s body. For example, the ear. There are many bacteria, yeast, and fungus that will try to attack your dog’s ear. When infected, your dog will start whimpering and can’t stop scratching her own head, if such things occurred for quite moment, she will become stress and the stress will weaken her immunity, then if her immunity is weakened; there are greater chance that another disease will try to invade her body, in other words complication. You don’t want your dog to have a complication disease, do you?

Speaking of ear infection, there are at least two common ear infection in dog, which are

1. Black Wax Ear Infection

  • This infection will cause itchiness in your dog’s ear. If you find out that your dog has been scratching her head over, and over again, even she won’t stop scratching her head and when you see there are black wax coming out from her ear, that means that your dog has been infected by the black wax infection.
  • Black wax infection was caused by lack of hygiene in your dog’s ear. Which means, if you rarely clean up your dog’s ear for at least once a month, there are greater chance of your dog to be infected with the black wax. Once infected your dog might get stress and whimpering all the time, even she will lose interest to play with you again as she is too busy to scratch her own head.

2. Yeast Ear Infection

  • The infection is obviously caused by yeast in your dog’s ear. Uniquely, yeast is just simply a normal inhabitant in your dog’s ear that serve no harm, but with the proper trigger they will turn into the dark side quickly as you can’t imagine how quick they turn into the dark side.
  • The trigger would be a hot humid temperature. This situation will make the yeast to reproduce massively and uncontrollably. Then, they will turn dark side and start producing fungus that will resided in your dog’s ear.
  • The outcome of it is indeed a great itchiness. Yup, just like the black wax, the itchiness will be unbearable for your dog and you can imagine what pain that she will be if she’s infected with such disease.

Those two infections could be treated properly by you, in other words home remedies. We would like to recommend home remedies because not only is cheaper but also it would increase your bond between you and your dog, sounds good is it not? So check it out!

For Black Wax

The Ingredients
  • Rubbing Alcohol

The alcohol will serve as the infection killing agents who will have no purpose but to kill every ear infection bacteria until their numbers turn into zero.

  • Boric Acid Powder

The powder would need no prescription; you could freely buy the powder without any consent. Also, you could buy the powder on nearby pharmacy.

  • White Vinegar

Yup, this liquid that usually used as additional on culinary, would provide a support to any other ingredients to kill the infection until it numbers reach zero.

  • Antiseptic/Betadine

Don’t forget about this one. The agent who have been helping you to treat any kind of wounds since you were kid. This agent would simply do it’s role as the healer and exterminator (as it would try so hard to exterminate every bacteria in your dog’s ear)

  • A Bottle with Applicator

Yup, you need to drop all of those mixed ingredients slowly into your dog ear’s hole. The applicator will help you do the work efficiently.


After you got all the ingredients, it is time for you to mix them up together and let them be the saviour for your dog’s ear. Check it out!

  1. Pour 180 ml of alcohol into the bottle
  2. Drop 7.5 ml of boric acid into the bottle, then shake it up
  3. Add 60 ml of white vinegar into the bottle, and shake the bottle again
  4. Lastly, pour 5 ml of betadine into the bottle, and shake to bottle for one last time

After the medicine is ready, then you could start calling your dog or reach her, don’t forget to pet her and let her know that you want to help her, before adding the medicine you must clean up all those black wax from her ear; you could use cotton bud or any absorbent that could absorb all of those wax, next you must drop the medicine slowly into your dog’s ear (Don’t forget to calm and pet her) drop the medicine until you her a swishing sound; be ready to see the rest of the black wax, then clean up the black wax again until it’s all clean. Do this regularly until all of the wax’s totally gone. Congratulation, home remedies for black wax is completed.

For Yeast Infection

For home remedies, you may need to buy a specific agent in order to wipe out all of those yeast once and for all. You could create your own agent or simply buy a professional one. However, as this could be dire and need to be taken care of as soon as possible, we recommend you, to buy the professional help. We recommend you, to buy Zymox Otic Enzymatic Solution with Hydrocortisone.

The Prevention

Once again, we will always say that prevention is always better than the treatment. So, try to act this preventive action to assure such things will never happened (again). Check it out!

  • Keep the temperature acceptable for your dog and make sure that her room is comfortable enough for her. Also, do not let your dog’s room become moist.
  • Clean up her ear regularly with betadine at least once a month.
  • Make sure she eats enough nutritious food.
  • Take her for a walk regularly.
  • Take her to a vet regularly.

Yup, that is all fellow dog lovers! We hope you guys will able to exterminate those nasty ear infections once and for all. Good luck!

*Bark away