How to Treat Yeast Ear Infections in Dogs


Hello there, fellow dog lovers! How are you and your dog doing? We hope you guys will be happy and healthy always, every day, and more. Hey, have you checked out your dog’s condition lately? Is she happy? Is she healthy? Do you think she’s in trouble? Well, we all hope for the best for your dog of course. However, sometimes you missed the small details, but those details indeed are something that will cause a trouble for your dog sooner or later. We recommend you to regularly check up your dog’s condition at least once a month.

Writer has a friend, she’s like an expert on dog kind of things. She knows how important to regularly check her dog’s condition. As she already suffered the consequences of ignorance. As couple of years ago, she had this giant adorable Siberian Husky, yup she loves Siberian Husky very much. They are big, strong, but still fluffy and cute. She would take her dog for a walk everyday and never forgot to feed her on time. She said that her dog is one of the best things that ever happened in her life besides her boyfriend.

However, one day a tragedy occurred. It was when she confidently believes that her dog is fine, but she was wrong all the time. She did not check up her dog’s ear condition back then as she thought it would not be necessary. Yep, just like writer said, she was wrong and awfully wrong. Her dog had been scratching his head all the time and she thought it’s just a flea and could be taken care of with a flea spray. She just didn’t realize how often her dog scratching his head.

Then, one day her dog got a fever, a fever that is indeed unexpected. Not only that, the dog got another complication and made the situation become worsening than before. Alas, her dog died in agony, she was disheartened but she insisted to know what caused her beloved dog to suffer such death? She decided to bring her dog’s body into a vet and ask the vet what caused the complication. The vet said that it was a fungal infection in his ear. Yup, a fungal infection that infected dog’s ear, indeed such things will make any dog become itchy, stress, and eventually will get complication even death. Of course, we don’t want such thing to happen in our adorable dog, those fungus will surely exterminate your dog slowly and painfully. In the end, the fungus will completely wipe out any happiness that ever happened to you guys; as it all just become a memory.

From that story, animallova would indeed like to give you the tips on How to Treat Dog’s Yeast Ear Infection effectively. Yup, we won’t let this tragedy to ever happen to you. So, read carefully and remember every step on it in order to prevent future tragedy. Just remember, prevention is indeed way better than treatment.

The Causes

The yeast is named Malassezia. Uniquely, the yeast just a normal inhabitant of your dog’s ear. However, with the proper trigger, the yeast will turn into dark side. The yeast usually turns dark side when your dog lived in a hot humid temperature house. This temperature will trigger the yeast and make them reproduce uncontrollably. This uncontrollable yeast will turn the ear into it nest and eventually the yeast will become a parasite for your dog’s ear.

Not only the temperature that turn the yeast into dark side, a weak immunity of your dog will able to cause the yeast to turn into dark side. The immunity is like a dam and the water would be the yeast, once the dam is fall the water just start flowing and wipe everything on sight.

The Treatment

For the treatment, there are two options that you could do, which are independent treatment/home remedies and just simply bring your dog to your most trusted vet; both ways has their own perks though. Check it out!

  • Home Remedies

For home remedies, you may need to buy a specific agent in order to wipe out all of those yeast once and for all. You could create your own agent or simply buy a professional one. However, as this could be dire and need to be taken care of as soon as possible, we recommend you, to buy the professional help. We recommend you, to buy Zymox Otic Enzymatic Solution with Hydrocortisone.

  • Go to a Vet

This is recommended if you think you have the resource and know a vet that is indeed trusty enough. A vet might do more than just drop a zymox otic into your dog’s ear. They will give your dog anti biotics and vitamin (mostly) and will give you the best advice to prevent such tragedy will never happen ever again.

The Prevention

We always said that prevention is indeed way better than treatment. Prevention might be difficult to do as you need passion to do it, but the result will indeed remarkable and less worry for you and your dog. A treatment would not only cost you the finance, but also makes you wonder whether your dog will make it or not, if she does not make it; you will end up regretting everything you didn’t do to prevent the infection, if she does make it; she will indeed end up with trauma that will last for quite long time; you don’t want your dog to suffer from a trauma do you? So, read carefully and don’t forget to apply it, check it out!

  • Keep the temperature acceptable for your dog and make sure that her room is comfortable enough for her. Also, do not let your dog’s room become moist.
  • Clean up her ear regularly with betadine at least once a month.
  • Make sure she eats enough nutritious food.
  • Take her for a walk regularly.
  • Take her to a vet regularly.

Yup, that is all fellow dog lovers! We hope it would help you treat those nasty yeast ear infection. Good luck!