17 Important Signs of Scared Cats

Cats are one of the most favorited pets aside from dogs. But sometimes owners don’t know the signs of some problems in their cat. Just like humans and other animals, cats are also susceptible to fear. The solutions are not that different from dogs.

If you noticed that there’s some behaviors that your cat shows that are weird, it may be caused by fear. Some of the causes of fear are anxiety and scared situations. Here are 17 signs of scared cats:

1. Solitary

Usually cats likes to be alone when they are sick. If they are sick, you should immediately examine your cat. But if your cat is not sick but still like to be alone and doesn’t want to play with you, it may be a sign of fear.

Cats that are scared would be more likely to hide themselves in closed space. They would more likely to ignore everything around them.

2. Pees Carelessly

Sick or scared cats would often pee in places that are not supposed to be. It may annoys you, but this is actually a sign that your cat is telling you that it has a problem, and it might be because of fear. Consult with your vet if this behavior happens suddenly to know what is the cause of it. If your cat is having a problem peeing, you should bring it to the vet.

3. Vomiting

There a lot of factors that can cause your cat to vomit. If your cat vomit because of its food, it is wise to stop giving that kind of food. Other factor that may contribute to vomitting is fear. Because a scared cat could inflinct type of diseases to itself.

4. Diarrhea

Still related to food, a cat could get diarrhea from poisonous food, unsanitary food, or allergies. But if you already check your food and there seems to be fine, then the diarrhea could also be cause by fear. Other than diarrhea, there’s also a lot of other digestive diseases that could inflict your cat that has fear.

5. Over Grooming

Grooming could be bad for cats if they do it in excessive manner. The common cause of over grooming in cats is usually fleas. If you check your cat and there seems to be no signs of fleas, then the over grooming may be cause by fear.

6. Prolonged Sleeping

Cats do sleeps a lot, but if their regular sleeping hours has increased, it could be a sign of some diseases or problems. If you’re sure that your cat is not sick but it still keeps sleeping a lot, it might be because of your cat is scared. Prolonged sleeping could also be a sign of flu.

7. Over Scratching

Scratching is common in cats. But if your cat over scratch its body, it may be a sign of skin diseases. But just like over grooming, it could also be a sign that your cat is scared and is in fear of something.

8. Calmer Than Usual

Normal cats usually would be active and occasionally meows. But if something is bothering them, they may become quieter than usual. If your cat looks passive and quiet all the time, it could be caused by fear.

9. Becomes More Aggressive

If cats looks more aggressive than ever, even at their owners, it could be a serious sign that they may experience great fear.

10. Meows Loudly

Just as in humans, it’s normal to be afraid of something weird or scary. So does in cats, they may meow loudly and intensely when they expirience great fear.

11. Lowered Appetite

Lowered appetite don’t only happens to cats that are sick with diseases like flu or fever. This symptoms may also occur on cats that have experienced intense fear. If this happens, make sure you provided vitamins for your cat to prevent loss of nutrients.

12. Scratch More Than Usual

Scratching in cats is very common. They usually scratches on hard surface, but if this behavior is done more than usual, you might wanna consider checking for problems that your cat might have.

13. Being Defensive

Cats would usually act normal and be active when they feel safe. But if they start to be defensive, it may be cause by discomfort. This discomfort could be cause by the surrounding environment.

14. Pooping Carelessly

It safe to say that it’s really annoying when your cat suddenly poops at the wrong place. But you should be cautios, because this may be because of something bothering your cat. If your cat is stressed or in fear, it may do this behavior.

15. Changes of Behavior With Other Cats

Usually cats are cooperative with another cats. But this change when they’re feeling sick of when they are in fear.

16. Looks Bored

This is also a common sign shown by cats when they are afraid of something.

17. Moody Behavior

Normal cats likes to play with their owner. But this is different if your cat is in fear, which would make them have frequent mood swings.

And that is all about our article for signs of scared cats. Be sure to check our other article on understanding your cat’s basic behaviors and causes of sudden death in cats. See you on our next article!