6 Naked Facts About Sphynx as Hairless Cat

Do you want to keep a cat but can’t afford to fall out of your fur? You want to keep cats but have allergies to animal hair. No need to worry because Sphynx Cats can be an alternative of your choice.

Sphynx cats are a type of cat known for lack of fur. Even in their bodies bald without the slightest feathers. Hairlessness in cats is a naturally occurring genetic mutation but the Sphynx cat as a race, developed through selective breeding began in the 1960s. Although it doesn’t have fur, Sphynx Cats still have a mustache. Although not all of them have it. Mustaches can be present either entirely or damaged or may not exist at all. Because they don’t have fur, they lose more body heat than cats that have fur. This makes them feel warm to the touch and causes them to find a source of heat.

Sphynx is known for their extrovert behavior. They display high levels of energy, intelligence, curiosity, and affection for their owners. They are one of the cat breeds that are more like dogs, often greet their owners at the door and are friendly when meeting strangers.

We hope this would increase your knowledge about Sphynx cat because we will show you some facts about them. Enjoy it!

  • Pattern and colored

Even though they don’t have fur, Sphynx cats have patterns on their bodies. This is because the color of their body pigments forms a pattern that is very common in Sphynx cats. Generally, this style is brown and cream. This chocolate is an implementation of black which is mixed with their skin color to produce a cream color. While it’s creamy, as mentioned before that this is the natural color of their skin.

  • Not perfectly bald

The first time you see a Sphynx cat you might think how strange this cat is. Bald and creamy, like a baby mouse that just born. You may feel disgusted to touch them because they are very strange. Touching them was the same as skin to skin and it was a strange experience for some people, of course. Not every people wants to touch them. But did you know that Sphynx cats are actually not really bald? The body of the Sphynx cat is actually covered with fine hair that is barely felt when you touch it. Evidence that Sphynx cats are actually not bald is their mustache. There are some Sphynx cats that have mustaches and some are not. But the subtle layers that surround them are the real thing and all Sphynx cats have it.

  • Not Hypoallergenic

You don’t need to worry about your allergies going to occur again when you care for Sphynx cats. Sphynx cats won’t trigger your allergies. In addition to not having feathers, all parts of Sphynx’s body are safe for those with allergies.

  • Friendly and warmer

Unlike other types of cats like Angora or other local cats. Sphynx is very confident with their appearance and they are not afraid of humans. They also obey humans. They do not fight when touched and indeed they need touch.

  • Sensitive skin

Because it is not covered in thick fur like other cats, the layer that is supposed to protect the Sphynx skin layer makes their skin unprotected. This makes their skin more sensitive. As mentioned above, feathers that make them warm are not in themselves. To overcome this, Sphynx bask in the sun to absorb heat so that their body temperature is balanced. Leave it when the Sphynx is sunbathing for heat, don’t give them sunscreen.

  • Popular

As we know, Sphynx has unique side that not all cats have. Because of its uniqueness, this cat has become popular. Many people are curious about them and even many people who hate them. Because of those responses, Sphynx became famous. People who initially did not know finally found out about Sphynx. In addition, thanks to its popularity, Sphynx has become one of the cats in the ranks of expensive cats.

Those are some interesting facts about sphynx cats. Interesting right? Actually, the cat Sphynx teaches us about the importance of how important to don’t judge individual from what they see. Sphynx is often demeaned because of their weird appearance. But look, this cat is so popular and its adoption value is very high. Even Sphynx has a more friendly personality than other types of cats, especially furry cats that are usually overrated. Whatever the type of cat, they are not entitled to get bad behavior from anyone including us, human. They have the right to be loved and protected, not hurt or even killed.