2 Fun Facts about Butterflies for Kids

Teach our children about their natural environmental must become our duty as parents. This to acknowledge our children to be more respectful and care about everything surround them. These days, parents must be careful and thoughtful of the material lesson that they give to their children. In this millennial days, our children consume much of their time in front their gadget, i-phone or android play games without time limits. They become easily irritate if we try to make them stop playing with it – that is not good and healthy situation for our children.

Rather than let your children to play with their phone all day long, why not take them into museum, or make a schedule for a camping night? This is one of the solution to solve this particular problem. Make your child know there are another lives outside their little bedroom, outside their walls. The wildlife with all its living things. The wild animal and their mightiness and grandeur. Moreover, arrange the family vacation to some popular animal city around the world, that would be fun thing to do! Let them hear the story of variety species the rare animal and the extinct animal, the tiny and the fat animal – let them know every beauty of mother nature.

I know it’s not easy, especially if your children already in the hands of technologies. For the beginning, why not start to give them some lessons about some animals that could easily expose, such butterflies? Yes, it’s the easy one and in fact, almost every place have them. One of the most beautiful flying creature on earth. You could tell them about fun facts about butterflies for your children without make them bore while hear it. So, perhaps you need help for the facts? Here are 2 fun facts about butterflies for kids!

1. Basic Facts of Butterfly

  • Butterflies are part of insect species, which also born as crawling caterpillars.
  • Every one second, a butterfly could flap their wings about five times. Yes, that’s interesting, isn’t it?
  • Whenever the fall come, the Monarch butterflies would migrate in the warmer climates places which in approximate mileage of 1800 miles. In USA, that places would be California and Mexico.
  • In winter climate, like us, butterflies choose to hide themselves in warm and safe places, such as caves, under the leaves, even inside your house! Don’t forget to light the fire-place, kiddo!
  • Do you know that butterflies holds about 17,500 variety of species around the world? That’s very big numbers, right?
  • The sad parts are, some of those species are in critically endangered status, and others are extincted.
  • A butterfly used their front feet to tasted their food. Hmm.. That is weird.
  • The smallest butterfly sized that ever been reported was about 1/8 of one inch, and the largest is about 12 inches.
  • To be a beautiful butterfly, a butterfly would pass four process of life-cycle: first is egg, second is larva aka the caterpillar, the third is pupa which also known as chrysalis, and the fourth and the last one is an adult – the beautiful one!
  • Do you know that many insect species has a body type called exoskeleton? What is exoskeleton? Exoskeleton is the conditions where the body’s skeleton is outside the body to protect their inner body from dry out. So, just like those species, so does with the butterfly.
  • All the butterflies has the capability of seeing these three colors, which are the green, yellow, and red. Why? Turn out these three colors could help them find flowers.
  • When you see butterflies fly in front of you, you might think that they have only two wings, but that is wrong. Surprisingly, a butterfly have four wings. One day, we should see it closer than before!
  • As long as the butterflies body’s temperatures was above 86 degrees Fahrenheit, a butterfly would be fine to fly. That point reviled to us that butterfly could fly on every single climates and weather (winter, summer, fall, etc) as long as their body is in the standard  temperatures of the body.

2. The Fact about Monarch Butterflies

Monarch butterflies that also called as the milkweed butterflies are wonderful and one of the unique species out of many other butterflies species. If you didn’t know which one the Monarch butterfly is, you could look at the color. Actually, this species is one of the common butterfly you could encounter and present in most neighborhood. The Monarch butterflies own beautiful bright brownish and a little part of yellow – the black colors would shape all the indentation of the wings, make some patterns as if its framing the wings.

As if its not beautiful enough, all over the black borderlines decorated with white polka-dots patterns. In sum, these butterflies owned the breath-taking appearance. With the combinations of those colors, no wonder that some people would call this species as common tiger butterflies based on the similar colors that both of species had. Beside their wonderful out-looked, apparently this species also own some unique characteristics which is also become their main attraction. Do you know that Monarch butterflies are the longest adventurers among others butterflies species?

Have been recorded that Monarch butterflies could travel across United States and Canada around Northern Great Lakes area to Mexico, precisely into the Gulf of Mexico. This ranges were about approximate about 1,800 miles long. Unfortunately, this journey couldn’t be accomplish in a single generation. Therefore, during the journey, the eggs would be hatch and become the next adventurers replacing their parents. But, these days all the naturalists, scientists, and researchers are worried about this species, because sadly, the numbers of Monarch butterflies has decreased drastic every single year.

The concerns of many parties about the existence of Monarch butterflies provoke some people to do some actions to help them survive on this earth. United States already have some movement called ‘butterfly gardens’ where people would plant milkweed, and other variety of flowers that purchased from natural glowers. These people avoid to purchase flowers on chain stores because the fact that commercial stores used chemicals to keep the flowers from insects.

So, that’s it: 2 fun facts about butterflies for kids. I hope this could help our next generation to appreciate their natural environmental more and more. Adios, my friends!