13 Signs of Nervous Cat You Should Know

There are some few signs of cats that experience nervousness that we need to know as a cat owner, since because it can answer some of the unanswered questions that about cat’s problem in general.

If you noticed that your cat is experiencing nervousness, you should take immediate actions. Here are the signs of nervous cat that you can try to observe.

1. Peeing outside the litter box

This might annoys you, but if your cat is peeing outside of the litter box, you should immediately cleans it before it dries out and the smell worsen. But other than that, the think you be cautious about is the reason behind of your cat behavior. It may be a sign that you’re cat is nervous.

2. Have a digestive issue

This sign usually occurs by the cause of the food consumed by your cat. But don’t be wrong, if you feel that you already give the right food to your cat, and is not in the process of giving new type of food, this might be because your cat is nervous.

3. Over grooming

Over grooming in cats, especially when it stars to cause baldness, this is clearly a sign of danger. There’s a big chance that your cat is nervous or stressed.

4. Over scratching

Scratch or licking excessively could indicate that your cat has health issues. There’s also a chance that your cat have have ticks or is inflicted with skin diseases.

5. Likes to be alone

Cats likes to be alone because it is its behavior as a solitary animal. But when cats run and hide as soon as they saw us or strangers, it may be a sign of nervousness or other problems.

6. Over meowing

Some type of cats could be differentiate from the sound of its voice. The one that likes to meow are the Bengal, Siamese, and Sphinx, while the ones that prefer to be quite are the Persian and the Scottish Fold.

Aside from what stated above, if you notice that your cat meow louder and often more that it usually is, you should try to comfort it either by petting it or taking it out for a walk. If your cat is male, check here to know for signs of male cats that has successfully mated so you know that the cause of the meowing is not looking for mate.

It is important to know that often if your cat meow, it means that there is something that is not right with your cat and your cat is trying to tell you that there’s something wrong with itself.

If these sign occur, you have to take your cat to the vet to check its condition and have a proper diagnosis. Because this could be your cat is nervous or in distress when they meows a lot.

7. Lowered appetite

Cats shouldn’t be fasting or dieting just like humans be. Immediately consult your cat to the vet if it suddenly lost its appetite. This could be because of nervousness or because of digestive problems. Cats that have Flu could also have lowered appetite.

8. Increased in sleeping time

You might think that your cat needs 20 hours of sleep everyday. But this doesn’t mean that your cat must sleep that long at all times. You probably already knows the time when your cat goes to sleep and when is the time when it’s aren’t asleep. If you notice that its sleeping hours increased drastically but looks more sluggish than usual, you should be cautious about it. You should also be aware if you think that your cat is ill, make sure you know the causes of sudden death in cats to prevent it from happening to your cat.

9. Aggressive towards other animal

Cats that becomes extremely aggressive to other animal could be a sign of some problems in your cat. It could be that your cat is sick or it’s in distress. You should consider consulting to the expert.

10. Aggressive and defensive

Cats that are nervous or in distress became more aggressive to other people, and sometimes even to ourselves as the owner. This is one of the signs that could be easily noticed.

11. Calmer than usual

If your cat becomes calmer than usual in a short amount of time, there could be something triggering your cat that cause nervousness, and this is quite dangerous for your cat. This could make your cat got sick, because mental attacks are quite heavy on the mind.

12. Prefer solitary

Sometimes cats do likes to sit around in their cages or closed rooms. This might be a sign that your cat is nervous or in distress. This could noticed if your cat seems to just ignore all the things around it, whether it’s other people or its own owner.

Besides of preferring solitary, sometime cats suddenly freeze and have a mental breakdown. If your cat experience a heavy mental breakdown, this could cause serious health issues and you should be aware of it.

13. Lustful but doesn’t have any mate

Cats that are in lust but doesn’t have any mate could be dangerous and cause depression. Usually the lust is higher in male cats compared to the female cats. Cats that have this sign would usually meows loudly and frequently so that they may found or attracts mate from outside their home. If your cat have finally find its mate, you should check the signs of 1 week pregnant cat to make sure whether your cat is already pregnant or not.

And that’s all about the Signs of Nervous Cat with its explanation provided. Be sure to check our other article on your cat’s basic behaviors and reasons why sleeping cat shouldn’t be disturbed. See you on our next article!