4 Best Quieter Pet Birds That Won’t Bother You

Have a bird does very happy for us. Their beautiful feathers, colorful, and the voice can make up our day with more spirit. Some people may say that the voice of bird can be calm moreover if you like to do yoga in your home. Their voice can give natural vibe which makes you feel back to nature.

But in the fact, some people who pet a birdsong usually feels bother. Their noisy voice usually cause some problem like insomnia or moreover deafness. As we know that bird starting to come out their voice randomly. Basically they don’t have main time when they are singing. It would be evening, morning, or may be middle night. By this random thing, it is hard to be deal with that and trust me it is so bothering us. Besides, their voice which really noisy will make worse our rest time which usually need calm and relax time. So because of that why people who pet a bird song not always entertained by their behavior but also get insane by this fact. This situation getting suck when the bird is stressed which usually make them singing brutally. Hmm that’s not safe for ears, definitely.Piegon

If you still want to pet bird without any bother of their sound, well some birds below would be so recommended for you.

  • Owl. People may don’t choose owl as their pet animal. But for you who want to still pet bird with quieter sound, owl can be your right choice. Even they have mysterious and strange vibe because their stare over something, they have practical side which makes people want to keep them at home. Let’s say that they don’t need to place inside the cage. Owl just need to place over perch and tie his legs over the perch and the owl can’t be move everywhere. Also, they tend to calm and relax so it is so suitable for you who looking for quieter bird or moreover if your home is limited space like in apartment. They are commonly acts like statue. Quite, stay, and calm. Their tail is short but the wings are wide. Owl is carnivore, they only eat meat. They are also a nocturnal animal which more active in the night. In the fact, not every owl is nocturnal. Some of them are sleeping in the night and active in the day. This bird does wild but it doesn’t mean they can’t to be tame. Many people prove that they are okay even pet a bird which called people as wild bird inside the home. Talk about physic, owl’s feather tends to dominated as dark brown and some of them have grey vibe touch. They are also has black and white vibe on their feathers. Uniquely, their feathers are not waterproof. When it touched with water it becomes wet automatically, doesn’t like another bird which has waterproof feathers. Also, owl can be swim even they are really rare to do that. Owl known as flexible neck bird. Their neck can be turn into 270 degree which is human can’t do. They have two times much of vertebrate bone over his neck so it would make their neck can do the magic thing.
  • Pigeon. Next is pigeon bird. Pigeon is already known well as letter sender bird. People in the past using this bird to send a mail into receiver on another place. That’s because this bird can remind the home and the way back. Also, why people use this bird as letter sender because they are singing rarely so the mail can be sent secretly. People may wrong or hard di difference between pigeon which known as letter messenger and pigeon which usually pet at home. Basically pigeon has so many types. In the fact there are more than 300 species under pigeon name with their own ability and function. Pigeon is fluffy short bird which has small beak. Their color is multiple as mentioned before that there are more of 300 species under this name so they have their own color such like blue, white, brown, or red brown. They eat seeds and usually feed with corn. Unlike owl which can place outside a cage, this bird should be place in the cage because of their randomly movement.
  • Paddy bird. Paddy bird is a bird which living as colony and easily to meet in city park. Basically this bird is similar with finch bird, but the differences it this bird quieter than finch which can imitate another bird voices. Paddy bird likes to jump and walk over ground in the side road. They eat seeds so when they come to ground, actually they are looking for some seed that can still ate. As physically, paddy bird has small body with long and sharp beak. Their color is dark brown which green touch. It has short tail and the stomach it white. Stripes black and white colored their neck and their legs is black. They are usually live in side of lake to make them easily when looking water drink. This bird also usually ate nectar.
  • Sparrow. Sparrow can we usually met in church. But in the fact, this bird usually perch and land in side of road in the city. Actually this bird is similar with paddy and finch bird which so modern and city life friendly, but still there are some differences about this bird. On of all difference is their physical. Sparrow has smaller body than paddy and finch bird. Their body tends to rounded with brown color feathers. The brown color also mixed with white and the white color filling their stomach. Even their stomach is full of white, their face and the middle of neck is colored with black. Their head is grey and the beak is black. Sparrow also has long tailed and if we talk about food, same as paddy bird, they eat seeds but sometimes eat nectar. They are living for colony but some of them also fly alone. Because of their small body, this bird is so fast and hard to catch.

That’s all recommended quieter birds for you who want to still pet bird without want to feel disturb about their voice. All written below can be easy to meet and also need special treatment. You better do small research before keep one of them at your home because as we know that this bird is so special and calm not like another bird.

They don’t quiet perfectly which don’t have any voice. They do have but they don’t speak up it commonly. All written above is only tended to calm and relax, don’t loss or don’t have a voice. For some reason they would show their voice with so short and rare duration. So it wouldn’t be bother you who still want to pet bird inside your home but can’t deal with the voice.