How Many Times Do You Have To Hold Your Hamster In A Day?

How many times do you have to hold your hamster in a day? this one of the frequently asked questions. Hamster is not a pet that every time we can touch regularly. So, how many times do you have to hold your hamster in a day? Please to read in the following below carefully.

1. The hygiene of your hands

As many as possible, you can hold and play with your hamster in a day. However, you should do this in a proper way. Before you want to play or hold your hamster you should wash your hands first. It is to make sure all the strange and strength smell runs out from your hands. Besides, the hamster has a bad eyesight, this is why he relies on his sense of smell to navigate whether you are his enemy or his owner. Make sure you use a soap with unscented soap. With this, it will make your hamster feel comfortable and avoid him from stress. For more information, you can see it on these the several ways to hold your hamster correctly. This is the first that you, an as good owner must do.

2. Introduce your hands to your hamster

Wash your hands are finished, dry them well. For the next step, you must introduce your hands to your hamster. In this step, you should be patient as well. Open his cage, and put your hand in his cage, let him go to your hand. This is one way how to introduce to your hamster to you, the owner. If your hamster is no respect, you can repeat it several times a day until your hamster comes to your hand. It really needs much time to tame a hamster.

3. Handle him in the right way

When your hamster comes to your hands, please be calm. He will sniff your hands, and he will recognize that you are his owner. If your hamster looks comfortable, you can go to rub his head gently, he will love it. Wait until your hamster sits in your hands. Make a cup of your hands and you can hold him away from his cage. Do this carefully and gently. Make sure, you hold and raise him not too far from the ground. It makes him afraid and it might be stress. For the first time, you can do this twice or three times a day so then your hamster will be familiar when you hold in your hands.

4. Treats your hamster

Some hamsters are easy to tame but some hamsters are not. So, what should the owner do? You allow to give them a treat to your hamster. The bests treat to your hamsters are dog biscuit, pellets, sunflower seeds, and chew toys. For chew toys, there are several chew toys that you can pick for your hamster to play outside the cage. Pick it ones of them, put in your hands, your hamster will come to your hands. This way always works to tame a hamster.  Besides, is it allow to a treat a hamster with vegetables? You allow giving your hamster vegetables in small amounts and it is just twice a week, no more. You can give them carrots, cucumbers, or broccoli in small amounts. These vegetables are good for your hamster’s body. They are lots of vitamins.

5. Do it daily

To make your hamster being tame, do it daily with playing with him as often as possible. So, when is the right time to play with the hamster? During the day is not a right time to play with your hamster. While the sun rises, hamster spends his time sleeping, resting, and eating. It is not the right time to play with your hamsters. So, the right time is after the sunsets. After the sunsets, the hamster will come out from his bed and do his activity, such as playing on his wheel, play around the cage, hoarding, and many things else. So, after the sunset comes you can put your hamster in a play blay. Let him explore your house safely at least every 20 minutes per day. Looks, he loves this, isn’t it?

6. Let’s cup him gently

There are many ways to hold a hamster in a safety way. First, you can make a cup of your hands and you can hold him carefully and gently. Seconds, you can hold him with a medium bowl to avoid them fall from the highest. So, is it any rule about how long to hold a hamster in a day? It just needs 2 minutes until 5  minutes, then put him back again to his cage. Do this in several times until your hamster familiar with this situation.

7. Make sure he is safe

While you want to clean his cage, you should move your hamster in a safe place, right? So, do these several ways. Hold your hamster carefully and gently. Place him in another clean cage or in a large bowl with hamster’s bedding. Place the cage far from any predators, such as cats or dogs. Make sure that place is not near from the televisions or stereos. It could make your hamster has hearing disease and irritation. Therefore, you should place your hamster in a place that visible to reach. Keep your eyes open while you clean your hamster cage.

8. Make a playground

Is it possible to make a playground for a hamster? It is possible, and you allow to make it by your own self. With this playground, you can have fun with your hamster at outdoors. This is a way to make your hamster can play outside the cage. So, how to make a playground of the hamster? You just need a big cardboard. Then, fills it with some hamster bedding. Make sure the height of cardboard higher than your hamster. This is to avoid your hamster runs away. Place a few of toys inside of this cardboard, don’t over to put toys in the playground. This is not a good idea. Place this playground far from cables. That can be harmful for your hamster.

Hopefully, the above on how many times do you have to hold your hamster in a day may it can give the best solution for the owner hamster. That to hold hamster can do in several times in a day. It is to make them tame easily. May you try these ways and good luck.