10 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Hamster As Your Pet

Hamster is really never making you bored ever. There are 10 reasons why you should choose a hamster as your pet. So what are the reasons? Please check below here the 10 reasons why you should choose a hamster as your pet.

1. Hamsters really have many of varieties

The first reasons why you should choose a hamster as your pet, a hamster is a pet with a lot of varieties. You know what, there are five of them, there is a Syrian hamster, Roborovski hamster, Chinese hamster, Campbell’s Dwarf hamster, and Winter White Hamster. All of these types of this hamsters are very cute and it is very friendly. They have many of colors such as like golden brown of Syrian hamster, a dark gray with a dark stripe of Chinese hamster until gray-brown with a white coat like a Winter White Hamster. So, what is your favorite hamster? See also How To Take Care Of Hamster At Home For Beginners

2. The easiest pet to find

When you are in a pet a shop, you should see this pet. Yup, the hamster is a pet that easiest to find. They are in all pet shop, all about the supplies of hamster every pet shop always have it. The price is quite cheap for one hamster with a small cage. However, The Winter White hamster and the Chinese hamster are the most popular cheap hamster.  They are also sold in pairs. These are hamster are very social animals, that is why for you who beginners you should buy these hamsters.

3. It is very easy to take care

Is the hamster really easy to take care? Absolutely yes, for you who beginner and you want to have a pet, try to take care this little fella. Hamster is really easy to take care. You just put it in a hamster’s cage. You may give it some toys such as silent spinner, seesaw, or willow branch bowl. For the treatment, you just feed it once on the night and you should make the schedule to cleansing their cage once a week.  It just needs 15-20 minutes to renew their bedding. See also  Top Causes of Why Cat Wont Eat and How to Treat It

4. Hamster  is a friendly animal

How come a hamster is a friendly pet? It easy to make your lovely hamster be your friends. First, give it your hands to them. Then let them smell of your scents. Hamster is a sensitives animal. In this way, they may know you are their owners. You can do this trick, hold your hamster (hamster must be in its position) then give it sunflower seeds. Let it eat in your hands or if you afraid, you can feed it in its cages with your hands. See, your lovely hamster is not afraid again. You can touch its small body now.

5. They are very  independent’s animal

You have not to worry to keep it all day. Hamster is a very independent animal. You just keep watching their food and water also renew their bedding regularly in twice a week. You just sit and watch them play around. You just see how adorable it is. That is why you should give some toys for your lovely hamster. If you have no money to buy some toys, you can make the DIY toys for your lovely hamster. Make it from tissue box with a carton, then stick it together with non-toxic glue. Make its toy with your own creativity and style. Your hamster will love it. See also Must Know Tips for Raising Orphaned Kittens

6. Very easy to feeding them

It is very easy to find foods for this little fella. There are some foods you can allow to give it such as sunflower seeds, carrots, nuts, dried corn, mixed with seeds and carrots. But there is a rule that you have to notice. You can’t give it to them any food, such as chocolate, apple seeds, garlic, shallots, chilli, lemon, and all of the kind spices. Any foods that flavors could make your hamster sick and it even dies.

7. Take your lovely hamster with you

Are you wanna going to someplace? Take your hamster with you.  If you want to drive with your own car and you want to take your hamster with you, please do these tips. First, make sure you have to renew its bedding before you go. Second, take some food supplies and bedding supplies for your hamster and put in a different plastic box. Then, take its habitat at backs’ car and cover its cage with colorful cloth. This way is to protect your hamster avoid the direction of sunlight. Finally, check the supplies of food and its water before you driving. See also Popular tips to keep your dog happy playing indoors

8. Hamster has a shortage lives

Hamster is really a good choice pet for you who beginners that want a pet. Hamster is a pet that it has a shortage lives. The gold hamster or always known as Syrian hamster only can lives in 2 until 3 years old. For your first time, it is the best choice to choose a hamster as your pet. It makes you learn to how to take care a pet nicely. Choose a hamster as your pet will make you aware of any danger that could happen with your lovely hamster.

9. Most cute pet ever

Hamster is adorable, cute and fun pets, you will not bored ever. Every time you see them you will feel happy always. Look, your lovely hamster can show the cute trick. They can run in spinning wheels, playing hide and seek, stand on their feet, and they like to make some holes. You know, why the hamster like to make some holes? They do this to keep its hygienic. Hamster is relay loves clean.  They have habit to make some special holes to keep its food, its dirt, and a holes to sleep. One this action is really only found in the hamster, they like to full up foods in its mouth. They used their mouth to keep the food and carrying it below the bedding. See also Effective methods to train your dog bark at strangers

10. You can play with your lovely hamster

Who says you cannot play with this little fella? You can play with your fella after you wash your hand with non-perfume soap. Put in your hand to its cages, let your hamster smell your hands and wait. If your hamster wanna bite your hand, just blow to its face. It reminds your hamster to do not bite again. However, if your hamster sits in your hand, please hold it gently and put your hamster in a safe place. You can use children’s swimming pool for your hamster playground. Notice this, do not ever place it alone in a high place, keep it away from the power cord and from any predator such as dogs or cats. It is important to you watch out your hamster and make sure it does not go anywhere.

Hopefully, the 10 reasons why you should choose a hamster as your pet can be useful for you who beginners that want to have a pet in your first time. This tiny pet is the most recommended as your pet. It is no need a big place and it is very easy to take care and plays with them.