Best Vitamins to Improve Your Cat’s Skin


For you folks who own a special breed cat such as Persian or Angora cat surely would requires specific and special treatment for them. As it is not like domestic cat or like Memeng, this special breeds are considered spoiled for a cat and requires a lot of attention from her owner than a domestic cat. This of course to not only make them healthy but also to make them happy and has soft fur so you could feel the softness of your cat’s fur. What a sensation that is.

Back then writer who only owns domestic cat knew nothing about special breed cat. Writer just simply know feed, clear up her drops, pet her, and repeat everyday. That is how simple having a domestic cat is. You just need to keep their stomach full, clean out her drops, and play with her.

Thus, the day of enlightenment began. The day when writer find out taking care and loving adorable creature such as cat requires more than feeding. It needs dedication and passion to take care of them. One day, writer was playing in one of our writer’s house. She has a special breed cat, an Anggora actually. The cat really soft and really playful towards writer as writer really does not need so many time and effort to get the cat’s attention. Writer asked her, why the cat’s fur is so incredibly soft?. She replied, “This kind of cat need special treatment, we bath her, grooming her, feeding her with high quality food, and must assure the cat to be clean all the time.” Wow, writer asked again?. “A bath really?. My cat could not stand even the a little scent of water, also could you feed the cat with a cheap fish such as cob fish?.” She replied, “Yeah because domestic cat does not get used to water, but these kind of cats are used to get a bath even to get their nail done. Also yeah i could feed them with cob fish but the fish is awful for them and it is a very good method to make them bald. Hahaha.” So these cats are used to take a bath?. Writer hope Memeng someday will get used to it. However what took writer’s interest that the fact of how cob fish could potentially shed the cat’s fur.

Hence writer was enlightened, and it took writer’s interest, “So are there anymore dangerous food for cat’s fur and are there any vitamins to improve the skin’s health and beauty?.” which is why animallova on this occasion would like to give you especially cat lover on what food that might harm your cat’s fur and what vitamins to make them more beautiful and healthier. Check it out!.

Don’t Give Them These Foods

  • Onions and Garlic

Slow but sure onions and garlic are killing your cat painfully. As they will affect cat’s blood and lead into anemia. This anemia will not directly make your cat’s fur to shed. But slowly, giving your cat particular symptoms such as lethargy, lost appetite, red gum, dark red urin and all of them killing your cat slowly but sure. The pain that’s caused by this surely will stress your cat out. A stressed cat would lost most of her’s fur make them bald. Garlic and onion usually found in Italian food or roasted food such as lasagna and pizza, yeah Garfield love them but Garfield suffered from obesity and lethargy is he not?.  So avoid giving them any garlic or onions fellow cat lovers!.

  • Raw Egg, Raw Meat, Raw Bones

Just like us, eating everything raw and uncooked will be incredibly dangerous it’s looks like giving a free ticket towards disease to come into our body. So does with cat if given a raw food. The E-coli bacteria would give your cat many horrifying diseases such as diarrhea and will lead to stress and fur shedding. So it is recommended for you to give your cat a proper cooked food.

  • Chocolate and Caffeinated Drinks

Simply this kind of drinks would makes cat to suffer from diarrhea and vomiting. Which always lead to stress and fur shedding.

  • Alcohol and Raw Dough

Well cat does need to get drunk not like some of us. So if your cat stressed don’t ever think to give them alcohol to relieve their stress. As alcohol would cause diarrhea, vomiting, fur shedding, breathing trouble, coma and even death.

  • Grapes and Raisins

A kidney failure is what your cat will get if you feed them with this thus causing diarrhea and vomiting that will always lead to stress and fur shedding.

  • Dairy Food and Milk

Yeah cat love it but the lactose is not good for them. As cat’s digestive system will find it hard to digest lactose. If your cat keep drinking milk it will lead to diarrhea that will always lead to stress and fur shedding.

  • Dog Foods

Isn’t it obvious?. Don’t even dare to feed them with dog food as your cat might suffers from lack of nutrition and lack of nutritions will make your cat to lose her fur.

Vitamins for Your Cat’s Fur

  • B Complex Vitamin

This is a nutrient that will provide your cat with friendly and healthy fur. Not only that this nutrient will also help with your cat’s body processes such as tissue repair, cell regeneration, and teeth growth.

  • Vitamin A

This is an important nutrient for your cat’s vision and not only that it would make your cat’s fur become smooth and healthy. It even could help to “maintenance” your cat’s fur.

  • Vitamin E

Not only vitamin E good for human skin but also good for cat fur. As this is the key nutrient to help your cat’s fur become healthy, smooth, soft, and beautiful.

  • Vitamin C

The vitamin C would act as a growth agent and maintenance agent to your cat’s fur. So if you want your cat to have more thick fur then try to give her some vitamin C.

All of this vitamins you could buy it from nearby pet shop or simply buy a high quality cat food as most of them already provide the best vitamins and nutritions for your cat. Also don’t forget to groom and bath her so it would improve their fur’s quality. Surely it would be joyful to have a smooth, soft, healthy, and beautiful cat’s fur as it add more relaxing sensation while you pet them. Good luck!.

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